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I awoke this morning, sweat pouring my brow. I looked out the window to a dull new world that has been carelessly bestowed upon humanity. As I stand there, a dry breeze began running through my skin, I see smog covering the landscape like a blanket, I felt the heat emitting from the scorching fires in no man's land. Yet everything remains silent. Has my turn finally come to become one of the plagued? Or has my sanity been depleting ever since the beginning of this so called new world? And now that it comes to my mind how long has it been since the beginning of this new age? Has it been days, weeks, months or possibly years? I have completely lost track, unaware of time. But time is the least one of my worries for now. I am famished, food and beverages are scarce. All I have is a cracker and less than even one hundred milliliters of water. Scavenging for necessities or whatever is left of it can sometimes be a hassle especially when encountering another surviving human being.

The sense of humanity is just a hoax in this world and people no longer have second thoughts when it comes to the lives of others. In this world it's “every man for himself”. I witnessed this first hand while scavenging in the suburban areas. As I was going from building to building avoiding the plagued I heard other survivors running and screaming. It was a pair of men who were both armed trying to escape a horde of the plagued. And the only thing that the plagued desire is to consume flesh whether it may be human or animal. One of them running from the horde took drastic measures and pulled his companion throwing him into the horde of flesh eating monsters. While his companion screamed in agony as he was being torn apart the other man escaped unscathed. After witnessing such a scene I learned from this experience that the word “safe” is just some fantasy. And it makes me contemplate on who the true “enemy” really is.

As the sun begins to reach its peak I head out of the deserted building where I stayed the night. The streets are filled with debris together with the plagued lurking around, blocking my path. When encountering the plagued it’s always the best choice to avoid them if they are in groups. Even though their bodies look like twigs that can easily break they possess an immense form of strength enough to rip anyone apart. Facing a group of them alone is suicide even if you’re armed with an automatic rifle the sounds will just attract more of them. Based on my observations the plagued are visually impaired but their sense of smell and sound function way better than a regular human being. I quietly go around them and enter a building that was at the brink of collapsing. This building that I have entered was the mall where I used to go all the time when I was a kid. Roaming around this place just brought out the nostalgia. I remember when I used to come here after school, I would go to the arcade and my mom would take me to one of the fast food restaurants for an afternoon snack. Comparing to how it looked then to how it looks now it is as if this place had been turned into my childhood nightmare. Just seeing this place immediately brought me to tears. I began to indulge on thinking of the past and completely ignored the fact that I wasn’t the only one in here. As I awaken from my reverie I see a plagued no more than a meter away from me, it immediately snaps and attacks me. I panic and fall on my back as it grabs my leg and I try to reach for my knife but it was too far. I try to look around for something to hit it with and behind me I feel a piece of sharp debris. Before it takes a bite I bash it in the head as hard as I could, dispatching it immediately. My hands were endlessly shaking as anxiety and fear began to take over my mind. As I turned my head another one appears but before it could even reach me it suddenly collapses, and behind it was a woman standing.

I shuddered in disbelief when I saw this person saving me. She spoke to me in a calm voice asking about my condition, if I was alright. I was bewildered by the situation that I was placed in. I cautiously grabbed my knife and pointed it at her, warning her to stay away from me. As calmly as she could, she tells me that she is friendly and has no interests in taking any of my things nor my life, all she asked for was cooperation. I couldn’t trust her but I felt that I owed her after she had saved my life. So I hesitantly agreed with her terms and promised to cooperate with her. She told me that she devised a plan to leave the city of Baguio and go to Clark after hearing that the military established a “safe zone” in that area. There were so many questions to ask yet I didn’t because all I thought of was as soon as we leave this building I’ll have to part ways with her. However, she told me about her entire life and she told me that she had a car and a minimal supply of gas and other necessities enough for her to reach Clark. The reason for her coming here was because she thought that there might’ve been a chance of finding more supplies. She tells me everything as if I was one of her closest friends in her entire life. But I’ll have to admit it was pretty reassuring to have a companion after such a long time. Although we also needed to remember that happiness was temporary.

On our way out I there was a wire stretching from the start to the end of the hallway though I couldn’t care less. As we approached the exit from about thirty meters away from it she suddenly trips on a wire that was connected to the one I noticed earlier which then starts a really loud alarm. We didn’t even have the time to think as soon as we heard it we ran for it, and following behind was a massive horde. While running away from them it felt like as if time slowed down. I looked behind me and I saw the massive horde of plagued and beside me a woman whom I’ve just met. My past began flashing before my eyes and as this was happening the woman falls and grabs my arm. She pulled me asking for help but what I saw behind us was unbearable in my mind. Desperation took over my mind as my fear was driven to its limit. I cut her hand off with my blade and ran for the nearest exit where I could hear her screaming for help in the background after this a deafening sound of silence ensued…

I went to the place where she told me about her car, and I was shocked to see that she spoke the truth. I investigated the car and the first thing I saw was a map with a waypoint marked in red from Baguio leading to Clark. And I was stupefied to find out that she had a relative in the military and he was probably the one responsible for giving her the information and coordinates to that so called safe zone. I started up the car and made my way to Clark. As I leave the boundaries of the thoughts began running in my mind on who the real monsters are, whether those flesh eating monsters that I denominate as the plagued, or is it the other survivors of the apocalypse, or is it me......

I hope you guys enjoyed reading!


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Yes, indeed, a good one from you, well done...


Thank you so much for your compliment!

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