My EPIC trip to see the Midday CANNON FIRE!!!

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Today and tomorrow are school holidays for me because I go to a Jewish school and it is rosh hashanah which is the Jewish new year. So today we went to go and see the midday cannon fire on signal hill! I have never been to see this before and it was TOTALLY epic!!!

My mom had to pull me away from the cannon when they shot it because I wanted to stand too close! And even as far away as I was standing, it still felt like it was going to knock me over when it fired and it was SOOOOO loud that I had to wear ear plugs!


The cannon was moved to Lion battery in 1902
and has fired at midday 66585 times since then! How cool is that!!!



There are also LOADS of other cool canons there too!!! Some are REALLY old and everything is just rusty and stuff!






It was REALLY cool to see it when it fired! Its not a real cannon ball but is real gun powder and I really thought my ears were going to be broken! I was also really scared to sit on the cannon afterwards in case something happened!!!!!!

After the cannon we went for a milkshake in the gardens in town. I love going there because you can buy bags of peanuts and feed all the birds and squirrels! The squirrel that visited our table today was really friendly and even came on to our table! I didnt bend down to feed him and then he ran up my leg! I was so nervous and then he jumped onto my moms lap and she screamed!!! lol!






Hope you enjoy the "EPIC" from my world today!

Thanks for watching guys :)

See you next time :)

I am @judethedude!

I am 8 years old, in grade 3 and I live in Cape Town, South Africa.
The most EPIC things in my life are Hotwheels adventures, Lego,
playing Minecraft, Roblox, listening to music,
trying out cool science experiments, doing karate
and having LOADS of fun!!!




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Great photos, I love the cannons!!

Oh my god Jude! you're such a cute boy ! I'm now a fan 😍

Cool post! Awesome photos!

Cool cannon and I love the squirrel!

Proud member of #steemitbloggers @steemitbloggers

Wow Jude. I love the photos of your day. My name is Paul from Ireland. I live near a castle that has a cannonball stuck in its wall from medieval times . It’s cool .