Homemade Roselle Jam and How to Make it.

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Roselle Feast!

Roselle Cover.jpg

Hello everyone, as you all know (if you followed my post that is), I have been posting a lot about what’s been going on in my garden. Recently my Roselle plants have been growing quite well, producing a huge amount of Roselles batch by batch, which I need to find ways to utilise them. In case you never heard of Roselle, it is a species of Hibiscus which can grow very easily. The plants have many usages. Most people make beverages, flowers for salads, leaves for cooking, calyces/fruits for jams and jellies.

So, with the amount that I have, some was given to family and friends, who likes to make Roselle drinks (it tasted similar like Ribena). Some I used it to make jam, which I am going to show you the step-by-step in this post.

Roselle Fruits
Brown Sugar



First, you need to harvest the Roselle fruits. Use a scissor to cut the fruits down, don’t use hand to twist and plug the fruits, it will harm and ruin the stem of the plants. Clean them once with running water, soak them a while in plain water to make sure any dusts, sands, and especially ants (they love the sweetness of Roselle) trapped inside can be dissolved.

We then separate the pods and petals, rinse again thoroughly with water. If some of the petals are too big, you can cut into smaller pieces. Weight the petals to determine the sugar needed (I prefer brown sugar, healthier), normal ratio is 1:1, but if you prefer less sweet and sourer, you can use less than that.

Note: Sugar can act as the preservative and helps inhibits mould growth.


Let’s get cooking!


Step 1
Add water enough to cover the pods and cook for few minutes (depends on the amount and sizes). This is to extract the pectin from the pods.



Step 2
After the pods have turned yellow you can take out all the pods, add in all the petals and add some water. Stir them for a while then turn the heat to low and let it simmer.



Step 3
After the petals are softened, you can add in the brown sugar and stir to mix them well. When you see the mixture has become thick and sticky, means it’s ready. I did not let all the petals fully dissolved because I like to be able to still eat the fruits.


Step 4
Store the jam into a boiled and dried glass bottle, put the bottle upside down once you sealed it and while it’s hot. It helps to produce a vacuum seal effect, so you can store it longer.


Now you have yourself a bottle of Roselle Jam. I like to spread it on my bread in the morning.


Or you can make an Iced Roselle Tea when it’s hot in the afternoon. Just scope one teaspoon of the jam to a glass of water and add in some ice, deliciously cooling!



If you search the internet, you will find there are plenty of Health Benefits by taking Roselle.


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Thank you for stopping by, this is a place where I can share the things I enjoy in life, art, gardening, nature, foods. This is why my divider above are filled with all the different kind of icons that I love doing. I hope you enjoy my post so far, leave me a comment if you like.
谢谢您的到访,这里是个我可以分享关于我所喜爱的生活,包括艺术,园艺,大自然,食物等等的地方。 这就是为什么我上面的页脚全都是我喜欢做的不同类型的图标。 我希望您喜欢我的帖子,如果您喜欢,不妨留下您的评语。


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Thank you!

LOVE your set up here, both a well thought out recepy, then your text is flowing nicely so its easy to follow &&&&&&&&& mega bonus for tons of great, well saturated pix, (peeps tend to read the full articel IF there is pix inside ;) LOL )

Wow, that's an amazing compliment @swedishdragon, I feel like crying of joy now!!!

aw your so welcome <its my pleasure🐲💗🐉 You did the post :D
woohoo THEN my mission is done !!

You really are the best 'autie'!

<puurrsz.. Thanks 🐲💗🐉

Yay, your jam post is out and you forgot to tag me :) Neverming, I found it and it's amazing. i hope I can taste it once.

Oh no.... I was very tired and sleepy when trying to finish this post last night. I was trying to remember who I have promised to tag but just can't recalled. So sorry about that @erikah!☺

Relax, don't worry about that, I was only joking 😉

  ·  last year (edited)

I knew you are a nice person!

I have never heard of these fruits before but that JAM? LOOKS so good!

I love learning about new foods to preserve and this one is definitely one I've never knew about.

I'm glad you like this post @goldendawne!
I'm surprised you never heard of it, because to me you are the queen of homesteading! Hahaha...

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Thank you for the support!


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卡姐,对,都是自己种的! 😘

That's one thing I can't get enough of!

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Really? How do you normally take it?

Just as a jam

Cool, thanks for sharing!

Oh man that looks so good. Personally, though, I'd dry them out and use them as a tea additive like I do with normal hibiscus. Very flavorful, and not too different from your version just hot instead ^^

I'm sure they are the same... Thanks for sharing!

I dont know if we have this flower in the philippines. Maybe there is since your from asia, with different name. The recipe is quite easy and we can enjoy safe and organic bread filling.

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I'm sure can be found in Philippines as well!

I will try ask :)

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I have never heard of this plant. How does it taste? Is the jam a little bit rose - like or does it taste like a hibiscus that we normally know?

Either way I would definitely enjoy it on a piece of bread :)

Thank you for sharing!

Thanks for stopping by.
Yes, it does taste more like Hibiscus, a bit of sweet and sour taste.

  ·  last year (edited)

I like Roselle. To me, it taste similar to Ribena blackcurrant drink :-)

Exactly @wittywheat!

Shame on me
I didn't realise you could use Roselle for so many things including jam
I always thought it was for those Probiotics and Kefir stuff I hear so much about
I love the colour :D

You can do much more than that!

i know roselle is full of antioxidant, homemade jam makes it good for health too

Exactly @asianetwork, that's why I like to plant this Roselle!

Is really healthy one!, I used to plant Rosella, we also call it Rosela. I love the fresh taste of little sour drinking as the tea, thank for sharing this @joelai. #steemitbloggers

My pleasure, I'm glad you like it.
I'm sure it easier to find in South East Asia country.

Oooh! It looks very easy... now I just need to find that plant! 😅

You forgot to say I waaaant :D

LOL! I wish I can share with you all.

I hope you can find it @blacklux!

Ive never heard of Roselle before. So in general, this is how they do it with all jams?
Like strawberries? Etc.

Hi @jacinta.sevilla, more or less that's the way to do it, yes.
I wonder if it's really rare in Philippines, because you are the second person besides @juvyjabian who mention never heard of this...

Must be rare here or called by a different name.

I Google and it says there are limited information published in the Philippines about this, and I also found out some call it Red Sorrel.

That looks so yummy! Now I'm hungry lol

LOL, thanks @crystalpacheco30!

Weird, I've never seen this plant before! The jam looks pretty good! What does it taste like? It looks like raspberry or strawberry, but I can imagine that it is completely different!

Actually @bengy, it does taste similar to raspberry or strawberry jam, a mix of sweet and sour, but since it's homemade with less sugar, it tasted sourer compared to jams from markets.

Sour is better than oversweet!


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Thank you very much!

This is such great idea. I'm impressed by how many people in the steemitbloggers community are so self-sufficient. I've never heard of the Roselle plant, will have to look it up.

Thank you very much for the compliment, indeed @steemitbloggers community have many who are talented in many ways!

Hello i never heard about roselle fruit what is the taste like?

It tastes like strawberry but sourer.
Thanks for asking @drawmeaship.

Hooo yummy:)

I drank Roselle juice before but not from my garden but bought it at some health store. And you have it at your garden? Love this post so much. So neat and so nicely done. 😊👍

Thanks @iamjadeline!
Yes, I plant it all year long, it's amazing how much usage it has as an edible plants.

My my my! That is one delectable jam you have there.. at first sight i thought it was strawberry jam! I have never heard of the Roselle Plant but Im glad to know that it can be turned into jam..

Thanks for sharing your recipe with us!

Cheers! ❤

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Thanks for stopping by with your kind comments @maquemali!

I cant help it.. i was drooling already.. hahahaha

Posted using Partiko Android

You are most welcome.. i love it! Hope to bump into you next time..


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Hope so too!

I love reading about plants that we don't have in the US, especially edible plants. We have hibiscus here, but I don't know that I've ever seen one that looks anything like this. I wonder if it would grow well here.

You mentioned that brown sugar is healthier. Are you referring to raw cane sugar? What we call brown sugar is simply white sugar mixed with maple syrup. Same thing?

I have Google it and it says, "it has been grown commercially in Florida, California, Louisiana and Kentucky.", so I guess it should by okay?

Our brown sugar is raw cane sugar, but there are also different types of brown sugar here as well.

Hmmm... I'll have to look for it. I've not heard of it here. Thanks for checking!

this looks delicious!! I had rosella growing last year and will again this coming year. And I will try your recipe for sure. Looks sooooo good!!!

  ·  last year (edited)

That's great, do share with us if you manage to do it, I would like to read it!
Thanks for stopping by too!

First off that plant is so pretty! I don't think I have ever seen that flower before. I love how you use the whole plant to make the jam. I would love to give it a taste, and it looks like that beautiful vibrant tea would be so refreshing and delicious, too!

Thank you @plantstoplanks. I hope you can find it near your area.
It really is a very healthy fruit.