What are YOU Grateful for TODAY? - #GratitudeTrain No. 55

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Yesterday I crossed paths with someone who was a part of my life way back when I was about 12 or 13 and the affect it has on me every time I see him is very sobering. I started a life of clubbing and drugs at a rather young age (11 to be precise) and along with that came the associated people. This guys name is Gareth and back then, he was a dealer who lived literally 30 seconds away from where I did. I forget how we met initially, but we did - and hanging around with him became a regular. He shared is drugs and well, we all thought that was great! As a group we all socialised out together on a regular basis.

Time moved on, my mom and I moved out of the area and well, I suppose it was never a true group of friends, I seldom saw him or anyone else from that group around much after that - other than in clubs and related drug circles.

Years passed and then one day whilst in my shop, he came walking in. It was very evident that he was living on the street and he had aged massively. I found out from my staff that he came in regularly to ask them if they would charge his mobile phone for him - which they did. It was also a bit of a cold reminder of where I COULD have ended up had I carried on the way I did back then...

I saw him hanging around a lot after that, so he was clearly "living" in the area - whatever that meant exactly... but yesterday driving home after fetching Jude from school, I saw him walking on the pavement... as we approached and passed him, he had stopped dead in his tracks and just collapsed on his knees and then just slithered onto the floor looking really "dazed and confused". When I saw that, I literally went cold! It shook me to the core. I felt bad as I drove on, not knowing whether he was ok or not - but the reality is, firstly I did not want to subject Jude to seeing something like that and also, I had nobody else with me and you just never know whether the reaction to assistance will be positive or volatile from someone who is so clearly "out of it".

It was a very harsh reminder as I drove on, contemplating my very "normal" life now, with my beautiful little boy sitting next to me. A real concentrated dose of perspective and I am always grateful for those because anybody who has had a heavy drug history will know well - there is always that little bit of uncertainty and doubt of yourself that stays with you years afterward - as to whether you are "doing ok" or not...


Welcome to the #GratitudeTrain No. 55

Today, I am grateful for the reminders presented to me which give me an accurate gauge on my levels of persistence over the years that carried me out of a hole to where I currently stand.


What is the purpose of The Gratitude Train?


I am of the firm belief that the habit of practicing gratitude on a daily basis is the key to shifting our lives in a positive direction. This is not only the expression of gratitude for the positive things in our lives, but also for the challenges which we are often faced with.

But sometimes, we can get wrapped up in our day to day existence and agenda, and it is not that we aren’t grateful, but rather that we simply forget to actually verbalise it or take the time to offer it a moment of dedication even in thought.

It is also true that surrounding yourself with the positive attitudes and mind-set of others, that it has a ripple effect on yours too…

So for ALL of us, including myself, I have decided to start this #gratitudetrain. We all spend a good portion of our lives here browsing through our Steemit feeds, so why not build a positive habit in the process. I think it will be great to share something every day that we are grateful for in our lives, no matter how big or small it may be.

Whether it is a new career path, a new hobby, an achievement of your child, a new relationship, a challenge overcome or simply a new pair of shoes… it doesn’t matter! There is without question… ALWAYS something we can take a moment to be grateful for!




Step 1.
So starting today, in the comments section of #gratitudetrain post No. 1 – write something that you are grateful for in your life and start it with the number… as in if this is the first time you are sharing on the #gratitudetrain, then write the number “1.” And then state what you are grateful for.

Step 2.
Keep a record of your #gratitudetrain expressions shared in the comments somewhere in a word doc or such.

Step 3.
When you reach 30 – then publish a post on your own profile and be sure to use the #gratitudetrain tag or to tag me @jaynie in the post.

As simple as that!

The idea of this being, that not only will you develop a healthy and positive habit but at the end of 30 days when you share your own post, you will be able to reflect back and realise, just how MUCH GOODNESS there is in your life!


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Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx

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Appreciate the support greatly, thank you!

Grateful for this reminder....just got back from lunch with a long time friend...he's been miserable the last year on the path his lifelong business has taken...but...he's also his worst enemy...he has life "by the balls" but doesn't see it...he's just clouded himself as a "failure" since he didn't reach a particular life long goal....I suggested he try and think of things he should be "grateful" for...that I envied the position he's in since a lot of the pressure he's under is his own perception and not actual outside issues....I think he heard what he needed to hear.

I hope so - for his sake. My dad once told me something I have never forgotten...

"I sat around a board room table with many men - all of us greatly successful financially and we shared jokes and stories for hours about how EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US had failed hopelessly at LEAST once."

I have always kept that in my mind... :)


I'm grateful that it's never too late to blog

One of my clients lost her husband this week, another her mother last week. I was definitely reminded how short life is and how grateful I am for my husband and family. <3

Wow! That is tragic indeed and a VERY vivid reminder to value what we have "right here, right now" - because NOBODY is guaranteed a tomorrow. Thank you for sharing that @coffeequeen.

I have a very similar story. I really love this thank you so much for making such a powerful encouraging post bless your heart!

  1. I'm so grateful for my beautiful wife & precious son!

I'm grateful today for our Vet. Our baby of all our kitties, Zeus, has been sick all week. It didn't concern me till after seeing him losing weight. Turns out he has worms. Both round and tape worms. So I'm grateful we got a good Vet in town we can take him too. He gave us enough medicine to treat all our cats. So Zeus should start feeling better now.

#gratitudetrain No 1. Hello steemians and graditudetrain, allow me to praise God Today. I am grateful for the gift of life. I believe being alive is a great priviledge many of my mates are dead but am alive.
I am alive so are my dreams. The dead can't dream any more neither can they work or blog.

I remember, a bazillion years ago, my late father told me a story along the same lines as yours, and finished it with the phrase, "There, but for the grace of God, go I." So glad you're also a story teller, and not the one the story's about. 😊 💜

#55 - Today, I am grateful for cooler weather. While I'm not anxious to see the end of summer, this past couple of months week with 80-90F degree (27 to 33C) days, and humidity that made walking feel more like swimming, will definitely not be missed. Oh, and won't miss the huge, air conditioner fueled electric bills either.

#Gratitudetrain N0 2. Today, i am grateful for good health. I can't remember the last time i went to the hospital.

#Gratitudetrain no 3. Today, am grateful for Gods protection on my loved ones.

I am so great full today cause i find out my best friend @jaynie , i am glad for you

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Wonderful! Thank you for sharing!

Check my blog for your consideration @jaynie please

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I'll think about it mkay.... #somemotherschildren

I am new steemian

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Well, welcome to Steemit. I hope you have a great time here! A little piece of advice - begging people for votes and/or to check out your blog is not generally received very well. Rather do something constructive, like leaving a comment that has a little value and substance... and leave it there! If your blog gets looked at great - if not... keep on keeping on ;)

Yes but need also your support

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Good lord! You are a persistent MOFO arent you!! You didn't even vote on this/my post which you are currently spamming on... so I would HIGHLY suggest that you hop back onto your bicycle and move along swiftly before I start down voting your spammy comments! kthanksbye :)

#gratitudetrain no 4: Today i am grateful for the fair weather. It has been raining cat and dog here in Nigeria. Raining season though of great benefit sometimes disorganizes event. My company has been seeking for a day to go out for publicity but the rain has hindered us thus far, each time we make arrangements to go out... the rain pour down heavily. But today, there was no rain and we finally went out for publicity and it was a huge success.

I often wonder about why our lives cross with certain people at times in our lives. My steps often remind me of the little boy in the family circus cartoon, crossing with others randomly.

yes, it is indeed a very curious thing. And I DO believe it ALWAYS has relevance.

#gratitudetrain no 5: Today i am grateful to God for provision. God has been providing for me and my family.

#gratitudetrade 6 ...Am grateful to God because i am blessing to bless others. I am a wonder to my generation.

Dear #gratitudetrain am here again. We are gonna do this for the next 23days. S00o today i am grateful to God for having a roof under my head. Many are homeless and helpless. 🏚🏚. Hello @ jaynie happy sunday to you.

#gratitudetrain day 8. Today am grateful to God for his protection over my parents. I known many that have single parent and they wish they have both parents by their side.
The joy of seeing my parents alive is endless.

#gratitudetrain no 9. Today i am grateful for new height of greatness. Am not where i use to be last year. This year i am growing day by day.

#gratitudetrain no 10. Some times we might be in need badly and don't know where to get help from, suddenly help came from where you didn't expect it. Today i was in need of something badly and i got a surprise gift am so grateful.

#gratitudetrain no 11. The joy you get when you pray and your prayers get answered is joyless( lol if there is a word like joyless). Today am grateful to God for answering my prayers each time i pray.

#gratitudetrain no12:Today am grateful for being surrounded by faithful and caring relations.

#gratitudetrain no 13: today am grateful to God for adding another Year to a friend if my. Today is his birthday.