Waka Waka WEKU... Wait What?!

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I think the only thing more depressing at the moment than the cypto market is possibly the state of our South African rand and perhaps the additional love handles I have acquired around my waist this Winter lol.. and whilst I will very quickly advocate myself as a die hard Steemit faithful, I cannot lie and say that I was not curious to go and explore this "Weku" site that so many people have been talking about... I mean heck... its an opportunity to earn even less than I already am on Steemit right?! hahaha!!! (That was a JOKE - just before anybody gets their panties in a knot).

Now, this is probably old news to most of you already - but I figured there is probably still a handful of folk that have not yet jumped on the Weku band wagon and after reading @papa-pepper's post earlier this morning - I am glad I jumped in when I did because thankfully nobody had nabbed my name yet... which I believe has happened to SEVERAL Steemians so far.

Essentially - Weku is another Steemit, and when I say that I literally mean it! It is virtually identical in make-up and function... so much so, that when I first stepped on a few days ago, it felt a little like stepping into some kind of twilight zone... Is any of this real?! lol! I had a good giggle with @zord189 when discussing the term "re-wekued" - it somehow just doesn't seem to roll off the tongue quite as easily as "re-steeming" hehe... but nonetheless, it was an interesting little venture to explore the uncanny clone like feel of the place...


But I signed up and as I said, thankfully managed to get my current username, but if I hadn't I probably would have done the same as Papa-Pepper by bringing a little bit of Eminem funk to his title..hehehe!

The platform is still very much in its infancy stages, but it seems a sensible time to jump on board, so that as it establishes itself - you are already half way there (or somewhere close anyway haha) I must be honest, I did feel like a complete traitor even stepping foot onto the platform, but I gave it some thought and figured hey... its no different to investing in additional crypto currencies - so what the hell! haha :)

For those of you that have not yet done so, and are keen to check it out... HERE is my referral link should you choose to use it - or you could go to the site direct.


Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx

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Sigh... yet another platform! I'm thinking of just sticking with Steem, and if it doesn't play out, then it doesn't! I just can't keep up with cross-posting and promoting! Maybe I'll just stop in to pick up my my name....


lol I totally hear you @bengy! haha - for now I am just sharing some of my steemit posts on there, but like you said... even the cross-posting is a pain in the rear... and its not like I dont already have enough to do hahahaha

Signed up early enough to get my handle too... but somehow can't help but feel this is all one big con of sorts... but hey... like you say: Why miss an opportunity to earn even less than we do on Steemit, right? ;-)

P.S. Screw you for the Shakira earworm BTW :-(

hmmmm... just thought of something: How about a Weku Weku @SteemitBloggers collab/mashup? :P


hahahahahaha you gonna be dreaming about that now @braaiboy lol!!!
Love the mashup idea hahahaha!!!

Thank you @jaynie <333 I hopped in the WEKU World. It will be interesting for sure to see how it plays out. I agree it's like diversifying, so thankful that Steemit opened the floodgates of awesomeness for it all to happen heheh


hahaha true that! @thereikiforest :D

I got my name as well luckily!


Cool Beans!!! :D

@jaynie Going to check this out -thanks! I will use your referral link too. :-)


Awesome Sauce!!!! See you there @melbookermusic ;)

Are you going to start a wekubloggers group? Hahaha!


hahahahahahaha funnnnnnny @rwedegis :P (silently contemplates it...)


Have a glass of wine and you know you will!!! Hahaha!

this like exactly like steemit but what do you think about earning;;;phave any idea;;;


no ideas at this stage - time will tell I suppose...

Got my handle too :) you never know what can happen in the crypto space, you know never good to have all your eggs in one basket.



additional love handles I have acquired around my waist this Winter << haha more to love

I mean heck... its an opportunity to earn even less than I already am on Steemit right?! << LOL omg your sense of humor is like mine!

lol omg @zord189 re-wekued doesn't even come off of the tongue at all! I can't even say it. It's like my tongue is costipated with words.



yea... u just got weku-ed. Are u gonna join?


hahahahahaha!!!! A constipated tongue... now THERE'S a thought LOL!!!!!

Oooh also. I don't even see weku or weku dollars listed on coinmarketcap. Lol so hm. That's what you'd earn in?


They're not up yet in any market but they say Weku dollars will be at 1usd but it's nvr that.

Thanks for the heads-up on this one @jaynie so many social media sites popping up, much like crypto one has to make a decision as to where you are comfortable.

Research to find what they offer before signing up, found many sign up to platforms and forget which ones they joined and why.... Must be good reason to join.

Just found out about Weku through your post @jaynie. Will use your referral.

Is being part of @steembloggers an invite only?

I found out about it a couple of days ago, but it all looks a little shady to me. But then again, people tell me SteemIt looked shady in the beginning too, lol

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