Korea Barbecue @Don Dwae Ji Sri Petaling

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Hello Steemians,

If you have been following my work, most of my posts are life-related, besides that I will share some food posts and good things to the community too^^~

This is just too good not to share about it!

It's buffet style!
It's Korean Buffect!

It's free flow pork!

It's RM29! unlimited refillable (excluding drinks)

For meat lovers<3

Image Source
Do you eat to live or live to eat?? I think I am the other way round, I Live to EAT! Yum Yum Yum :D Nom Nom Nom

First time trying this Korean buffet restaurant, I would say it's worth the PRICE! Free Flow PORK wey~

Image Source

Image Source
There are two packages, Set A and Set B with the same price (RM29), the only difference is the type of pork! I think Set A is the one with pork belly (Samngeobsal in Korean) and Shoulder Loin whereas Set B consists of marinated pork. The best way to order is to tell them to mix the type of pork.

For example, there are 7 people in total, then they will prepare the half of set A pork and half of set B pork for the first round. Then, you just pin point which type of pork you want to refill from the time onwards.

Image Source

Sorry for the blurry photo due to the smoke~~Marinated pork gets the best review among my friends!I love it too!

Refillable side dishes (banchan in Korean)

Among the banchan, I love honey peanut and taufu. Rameon is just so-so ( I think it's Shin Rameon), no egg in it. I think I can cook better than that, with eggs, the noodle tastes so much better.

You might need to call for reservation. The restaurant is always full of crowd. Remember to ask the right person for service so that you need not to wait long for your food.

Oh yea, 2 hours are allocated for your meal. And as usual, extra charge will be imposed for your wasted food.

Tips: Reach there before your stomach is growling! Include the waiting period~

For further reading, please click : External Blog in Chinese

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Feel free to comment~:)Hope you enjoy reading my post! Have a great week ahead:)

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looks good to a pork lover like me. sure seems value for money! :)


Yes you should have try it. 😁

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I do love Korean BBQ but I prefer Japanese BBQ


Where is the Japanese buffet? Which one do you recommend?

I'm a meatarian.


Cool:D! Looking forward for your shares

I ate here before and LOVE the free flow Pork. Would like to go back there again.


Yes definitely worth it for friends and family gatherings:) before I find out a new one. hehe

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