Steemit Bangladesh Weekly Photography contest Episode #10

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Hello my Steemit friends
I think you are okay
And I also i so good

This Post is to participate in @steemitbd Steemit Bangladesh Weekly Photography Contest Episode #10


photo taken me:@mdaminulislam
place:Dc lake

about photo

On the 22nd of August on Sunday, on the occasion of holy Eid al-Azha.Eid ul Azha, all of us have enjoyed a lot of fun, we went to various places, and went to the DC Lake Tangail, there was a beautiful park, there was my wife with my younger sister, and giving it a picture So I took a picture of where my wife and I shared my younger sister.This was my sacred Eid's Selfi. You all saw this was my family photo.

All of you will pray for me and my family so that we can spend our days very nicely.


If you want to join with our @steemitbd community by discord, pleas join this link : and always with us, I think its your great chance...

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Everyone's pictures are great.

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