FIFA world cup 2018-1st quarter final match plan

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1st quarter-final against Brazil vs Belgium!

Today the match between the second and third ranked team. But you will have to know that in this world cup ranked doesn't matter . The main thing is that you are playing in this FIFA , so you have to be play well that's already happening in this world cup.

Belgium vs Brazil

This is the first match quarter-final . Can Brazil beat Belgium and ensure their semi-final journey?
Well . Brazil is good team but they will must regard that Belgium is the very strong team in this world cup. But I can say that today we are going to see a very good match .

Brazil's defence vs Belgium attack!


In this world cup we are seeing that Brazil defence is so strong but their attacking is not on their possession . Neymar Coutinho paulinho doing really good but they were not shown their original skills and goal scoring ability.
But you will have to notice on the Belgium attacking side. They are so good in attacking position . Specially Romelo lukako ,the striker of Belgium is showing their ability . He is the most 6th expensive player in the world . They have Eden hazard ,who is already a well judged player .
But they have to remember that Brazil defence is so strong . Thiago Silva , Casemiro, Jesus ,Marcelo etc are like a wall of brazil defence,that can't be easily broken.

Neymar's reaction after being fouled !

This is now became a plenty of funny things that neymer is rolling after being fouled..
In this world cup we are not seeing his skills as well . But he tried really well so many time and he successful 2 times to score goal.
Messi Ronaldo gone now this is the time for neymar to show his talent at this big stage.
But some being fouled he is showing a theatrics drama. But we hope that neymar will show their talent in this match. Because if they loss against Belgium that will be so undesirable things.

So in this blog we got some important things about the first quarter-final.Stay with us for the match review of Brazil vs Belgium.




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