Holiday is Family Day | Movie Night for the Kids

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Time is a gift, nothing beats the feeling of being able to spend it to people you love.

Working Monday to Friday gives me a very limited time to my kids. Every weekend is our time together. To a child just being able to spent your day together even the simplest thing is the best thing.

Today is a special night for with us is my husband. We are very excited to watch movie using the projector. It's movie night for us.

We watched a Indian Movie entitled Secret Superstar. It was quite hard reading the subtitles but to be honest just like any Indian movie I would really spend hours watching them because they always have great stories. And this movie didn't fail to make me cry. It as very touching.




Family time is always the best time. Seeing my kids smile is something I treasure the most. I believe all parents would do the same thing.

Have a great day Ahead Steemians..

Thank you for dropping by..

Inspiring you,

@sawi :")

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Spending quality time for family is the best moment ever. Showing their importance even in a simple way, will contribute a great impact to the family relationship. Great post @sawi😄


thank you, your right even at the busiest time we still spare a little for the kids. thank you for dropping by @jasonabejero

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