34 OF THE MOST CREATIVE STEEMIT USERNAMES... My crazy explanations of some of the funniest names used on our platform.

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Hey, steemian friends, I hope you're okay whatever your names are....

I've been collecting Steemit usernames that I considered interesting and hilarious... And well, I couldn't help making silly jokes with them... Here are some of them:

  1. Have you had a terrible night? Couldn't sleep? Try an @arseniclullaby. But you have to be careful, because you can get poisoned in your sleep.

  2. And talking about poisoning you: I present to you the @srcianuro, that is, Mr. cyanide, a gentleman with a quite toxic name, although surely he is a very sweet person.

  3. But, Who is afraid if @bravekid is with us?

  4. With his @virtualself, this steemian feels very comfortable living among the world web wire.

  5. The social networks were dead, but thanks to Steemit they have @resuscitate.

  6. These @littledisciples surely have a master taller than them.

  7. If you feel tired, you just have to eat a good dish of @beanenergy.

  8. @geniusmind doesn't suffer from inferiority complexes, that's why he made public his brilliance.

  9. The most enlightened of the ladies is @darkfemme.

  10. And the clearest of the saints is @darksaint.

  11. Try to buy 100% fat-free food when you're buying @foodforsoul.

  12. And since we're talking about food, it's time to start the diet, so let's say all together: @byebyehamburgers.

  13. Have you told me @cookwithus? Well, with pleasure. But I have to tell you that in the kitchen I can only peel potatoes... and I leave them badly peeled!

  14. A page not suitable for vegans is @supermeatboy.

  15. Surely nature did a good job when it created the @biogirl.

  16. Well, I really envy you, @logicalboy! My mind is a mess. If you give me these two logical premises: "All men are mortal" and "Who is a man" I come to the conclusion that "Who did not eat well last night".

  17. Some are beach lovers, others are chocolate lovers. And there are some very special ones that are @panicolovers.

  18. And now I wonder: A @humanabstract is someone whose body is not understandable?

  19. I am glad to know that I am not the only one... It's good to know there's another @imperfect-one in the world.

  20. Someone who has a not at all sweet ego is @acidyo.

  21. Why live stressed out, why run from one side to the other, why walk in such a hurry, seems to tell us @slowwalker.

  22. There are people who as @credulous we believe in everything they say us, we believe in everything they tell us, in everything they promise us...

  23. While others we are like @forevernihilist because we do not believe in anything they say us, in anything they tell us, in anything they promise us...

  24. And talking about believing... Would you believe me if I told you that there is a bear loose in Steemit city? Well, if you don't believe me, ask @bearone.

  25. Attention! This is a public service: Your help is urgently needed to donate a sunglass to @cyclope. Yes, you read well... It's just one lens.... And let the lens go in the center, please!

  26. Alert all divers and surfers! Alert all divers and surfers! Alert all divers and surfers! The presence of an @mermaidvampire has been detected in the nearby sea... Please protect yourselves, especially your necks!

  27. Your attention, please! This is another public service: Three leaves are urgently needed to cap to @eveuncovered. It can be any leaf of any type of tree as long as it covers enough pudenda area.

  28. She is very pale, white and flees from sunlight... She is the @nightgirl.

  29. He usually wanders the streets with pupils very dilated by the absence of sunlight... He is the @nightboy.

  30. Alert all firefighters and paper recyclers! Alert all firefighters and paper recyclers! Alert all firefighters and paper recyclers! The @firepower has been unleashed.

  31. You don't have a car and you have to travel very far from home? Don't worry: Do like the one that has @gonewithwind.

  32. Don't you have a house and not even a roof where to shelter from the rain? Don't worry: @joythewanderer.

  33. And this is the user name I like the most... Could it be why it's mine? Hehe... It's a redundant expression typical of Caracas slang and it means I myself am @yomismosoy.

  34. And, well, my dear friends... My eyes are filling up with @teardrops because it's time to tell you:

Bye. Goodbye. Until the next time. In the meantime I will continue to search for more creative and crazy names in the wonderful world of Steemit!

If you are the owner of one of these names I would be happy for you to tell the real story of your username below...

I hope you don't get angry because it's just an endearing joke...

100% original content. Texts are of my intellectual authorship.
And the gif was taken from https://giphy.com/gifs/


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You just made me giggle! I would do a pictures like that, but I don't wanna cut any of my plant babies ;)


I'm glad you liked my post... I did it with much affection for those who are as creative as you... Well, it's better to use plastic plants to make your clothes last longer hehehe

Cool post. There are a ton of funny names on this platform. I like @nonameslefttouse, that is a funny name.


Thank you very much... I'm glad you liked my post... I did it with a lot of affection... And thank you for suggesting that funny name... I already added it for the next post ;-)

140 more funny votes for you fren!


140 thousands of thanks, my meatfren

Wow... many Steemit Usernames very funny!
Thank you for the mention jijiji
I see to the user @darksaint and i am intrige for know this user with the name a few similar to me.
And the joke about @bearone is bad loool
But in general, you did a excellent work... Good job!
Welll now the history about my steemit name... mmm i will be a post about it and send the link XD tomorrow is ready! See you. Tks again!


Ha-ha-ha I love bad jokes... they are very good haha-ha... That is good... you have created a campaign of intrigue... So I have to be very attentive to know the history of your user... Good one
Don't stop sending me the link I'm already following you


Jejeje dont worry... your wait is over ;)
Sorry for the late respond but i dont write bad post XD or I try loool
The article here


If some woman dont use the intrigue... all is lost! XD