World Travel Pro Hits 500 Followers: My Steemit Experience After Five Months and a Big Thank You to Some Very Special Members

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Steemit has been a massive challenge for me. Some people come here and work some sort of strategy and are off to the races with 1,000 followers practically over night. Others invest in the platform giving them a ton of steem power and an edge in earning and gaining a following. Some try to work all sorts of meme challenges, games, and contests. Many come here to enjoy the content, curate, and just the social aspect alone. Some try to go the follow for follow rout. Many people come here and try their hand at traditional blogging on specific topics with some succeeding and some not earning what they hoped for and dropping out of the system all together.

Finding myself earning about fifty cents a post upon seemingly endless hours of work during my first two months, I almost fell into that last category. As many of you may know I'm not a computer guy, nor knowledgeable on crypto currencies, I'm not a social media guru, and I'm not invested in the platform other than my time. What I have done for well over a decade is long-term budget travel. That is my expertise, so when I came to the internet/steemit to share my information and blog about my life I had no idea how to go about it, I wasn't sure what others would find most interesting, I was clueless on how to format a post and even add an image.

Earning a steady income while living a non-traditional lifestyle of constantly moving around the globe often is a challenge. That is what truly brought me to steemit. To earn for my travels and share my experiences and vast knowledge of travel. I wish to help others see the world as it is and not through a cloud of propaganda and false ideologies. Learning first hand about other countries and cultures has been incredibly enlightening, mind expanding, and life changing; and I wish to share the reality of what the world is really like and what it has to offer with as many people as possible.

Having a highly informative and interesting blog proved not enough to succeed here. Lacking in social media, tech, and networking skills made things very difficult. But there are a handful of very special steemit members who have helped me out in a major way, and is the only reason why I am still here, enjoying myself, and earning money.

I'd like to give a very special and sincere thank you to the following members who have made a world of difference for me in this incredible online community we call Steemit.

@lukestokes - A steemit witness, investor, entrepreneur, tech master, father, husband, fellow American and all around good guy. I reached out to him before logging off Steemit for good. He has since recognized my efforts, quality work and has since supported this blog with his powerful up-votes and encouraging words. Thank you Luke!

@gavvet- A steemit investor with major connections making a point to grow the platform and help out the little guy. Being that little guy, thank you @gavvet!

@eturnerx- Steemit investor, Steem Power delegator, and fellow traveler from New Zealand. He has been a fan of my work since the beginning and has taken responsibility in growing the platform and helping out quality minnow authors like myself. Thank you @eturnerx!

@twinner- I don't know too much about this guy but he's got to be an investor of the platform, just attended Steemfest, has an ongoing series about his trip to Sardinia, and has been supporting my work here for months now. Thank you @twinner.

@flipstar- Steemit investor, fellow traveler living here in Thailand with a passion for sports training. Flipstar found me during my first week on the platform and realized right away, I know my stuff when it comes to travel and has been supporting me all the way with his powerful up-votes. Thank you @flipstar!

@luzcypher -Runs the highly successful steemit open mic contest. A fellow American living in Playa del Carmen Mexico where I had the pleasure of meeting twice in person a few months ago. He is a fun loving all around good guy who understands that it's better to give than receive. Enjoys helping minnows like myself and growing the platform. For me he's been a steemit advisor and supporter of my blog. Thank you @luzcypher!

@janusface- Lovely steemit member from Norway who came to me several months ago seeking advice on living in Central/South America. We've been steemit friends ever since. She is a crytpo investor and highly knowledgeable on the subject and has been supporting my work with her handsome up-votes. Thank you @janusface.

@gtg- Steemit investor and witness. I reached out to him during my first month on steemit looking for advice on how to improve my posts. Not only did he advise me well, he tipped me with my first big up-vote. Showing me the whale power of Steemit for the first time! Thank you @gtg

@kevinwong & @sweetsssj- Both got in on steemit very early, and have huge followings. Kevin enjoys talking about a range of topics especially crytpo currencies which he's highly knowledgeable in. @sweetsssj, well, we've all seen her posts. Both sitting on a ton of SP, they occasionally show their support of my blog with some very powerful up-votes. Thank you guys!

@joythewanderer - A fellow traveler who's been on steemit much longer than myself has found my unique travel blog and we've been steemit friends ever since. She does a great job on her posts showing us all different parts of the world as well. Keep up the great work Joy!

@magicmonk - A math teacher from Australia, basketball fan, crypto fan, martial arts enthusiast, and tech monk too. Creator of He is certainly a steemit friend of mine. Keep up the great work my Aussie brother!

@broncnutz - This guy reminds me of my uncle, and refers to me as cuz! A fun loving Broncos football fan and fellow American. Him and I must have been partners in crime in another life. Dressed up as the crypto leprechaun for Halloween this year; he is a great guy who finds my work unique and interesting. He has thrown some support my way. Thank you OG NUTZ!

@natureofbeing- An old soul, a kind soul, a warm hearted person who does ceramic tile art work for a living. She and I have gone back and forth for a couple of months now. She has seen value in my informative blog and supports it with her powerful up-votes. Thank you @natureofbeing!

@gringalicious- Well, simply put she has the best food blog on the platform. Beside making incredible dishes she photographs them and you'd think it was right out of magazine. Incredibly high quality work she puts out. She is currently travelicious attending Steemfest. She and I have that South American connection as we were both gringos living in that part of the world for several years. Very kind and nice person. Thank you for helping support my blog @gringalicious! You know I appreciate it!

@karenmckersie/ @momskitchen - A Canadian who works the night shift as a security guard, Karen has branched out into a second handle with her food blog. I think she's doing a great job with it as well. Her original handle now has over 2500 followers and she is the queen of positivity running POP (power of positivity) contests. Always willing to lend a helping hand she helped me during my first week on the platform; teaching me how to get an image up then my face in the circle image, then my background image. She also has resteemed a lot of my work. Thank you Karen!

@biglipsmama- An experienced blogger who's helped me along my way in my early more frustrating months. Thank you Big Lips!

@heyitshaas - From Holland, a fan of travel who wants to get back on the road again. Haas really values the info I put out. A steemit friend and will certainly be a friend in real life when I meet with him in Holland or another part of the world. He has been intently following my work from the start, resteems some of it, and has me high up on his steemit travel dream team. Haas has really made me feel appreciated here on steemit. Thank you Haas!

@theywillkillyou - A highly successful youtuber gone steemit member as he has spoken too much truth and been demonetized by the powers that be. A fellow traveler and supporter of my blog. We hope to meet up in Thailand in the coming weeks before I head over to South America.

@choogirl/ @steemitworldmap - Hasn't been on steemit very long but is a social network pro with a ton of followers already. Has been supporting my work, and I look forward to filling her map full of my informative travel posts. Thank you @choogirl!

@fitinfun - She and I go back to my first month on here. She is a kind hearted fellow American living in Bangkok who I've had the pleasure of meeting up with several times since arriving in Thailand. She is an all pro social media and nutrition expert. Thank you for being a friend Sharon!

@extremeromance & @aburmeseabroad & @fanstaf- Some fellow travelers documenting the places they go here on steemit. Very kind people that I've taken a liking to, as we live similar lives. It's been great getting to know them. Keep up your excellent blogs and we'll be in-touch!

@enlil & @enki - I know nothing about them but they carry a ton of steem power and have been supporting my work here for months with their powerful up-votes. Thank you!

@sakhone and @laoteam - from Laos, who've shown their appreciation for my blog and posts about Laos during my recent travels through their country. Thanks guys!

@kayderross - Last but not least and coming in at a 26 rep with 15 steem power. Thank you for all the support you've given me throughout the years! Thank you!

That about covers everyone. 500 plus followers later, You make this blog possible! Without the support and help from this wonderful community I simply would not have the time or motivation to do this. Being a travel writer/ blogger is becoming a job I enjoy and a dream come true. Thank you Steemit! -Dan "World Travel Pro!"

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Congrats on hitting 500 followers! Impressive list of friends and supporters. I feel honored to be mentioned in their company.

Thanks buddy. I'd move you up the list a notch or two if you invested a half million dollars in the platform and up-voted me at 50 bucks a pop! lol.

Regardless I'm happy to have you as a friend here. Thank you for your continued support! -Dan

I'm here to support you, and like having you as a friend, and do enjoy reading about your adventures and learning from you long travel experience.
I wish my vote was worth more than 3 cent and hope it will be soon as the steemit community and the value of Steem grows. A $50 vote would be awesome but don't see that happening any time soon. I'll vote on your next 1667 posts with my 3 cents. That and that will be the same as one $50 vote!

Haha. It's incredible the vote power of some of these whales isn't it. My vote is still only worth about 6 cents. Have certainly enjoyed getting to know you and having you as a friend as well. You're such a class act and do such a great job raising your kids. I'll keep an eye out for your next post!

Woo! Thanks for the shout-out. I'm honoured to be listed among such good company.

Your travel blogs are great and I look forward to seeing them when they pop up as part of the daily #traveldigest curation.

Awesome @choogirl. I'm so impressed with how much you've accomplished in such a short time. I've been so busy traveling and having fun, I'm still doing cut and paste post from when I stayed in a hotel in Bangkok for a week and organized like 20 posts. I'm going to have to sit down, and do a bunch more. I've got some great material coming down the pike, including some great "travel pro" travel tips that I haven't written out yet but are on a list. Looking forward to sharing them with you all. Keep up the great work that you do! -Dan

Wow! Thanks for the shout out. Such esteemed company too. Your continued original content and faith in the platform is awesome to see. You're living proof to me that the grind, although a grind, does pay off if posting is original, high quality and consistent.
It's a slow road, but your followers are genuine and very engaged. I've seen high follower count accounts that barely raise a pip in the comments.
Bring on your first 1,000 followers.

Thank you for the kind words buddy. Yeah I'm real happy that all that work is finally starting to pay off. Yes it's good to have been noticed and rewarded by people from the platform who actually have the power to do so. Even @karenmckersie who doesn't have a ton of steem power, she regularly blast out my post resteeming to her 2500 followers. So I guess I'm onto something. It makes doing this so more enjoyable. Working for nothing was so depressing at times. Now I can at least count on a solid 10 dollars a post. And in some parts of the world I travel in, that goes a long way. So I'm happy, and look forward to growing things much further! Thanks again for having my back for all this time. Hope you are well. -Dan

Love the work you put in hope this post does well! remember when you wanted to quit, but look at it you now its giong beter and better! welcome to the 500 club.
Thanks for the mention, hope to meet one day, will be on the road soon so who knows.
Keep travelling buddy! as always will keep an eye out

Thanks Haas. Yeah I was totally about to walk. So glad I did not. You've been a great help. Hope to meet you one day as well.

Congrats with your achievements. Well done and Steem on!

Thank you so much. It's been a challenge, but with support from my steemit friends it makes it so worthwhile!

Congratulations with achieving 500 followers mark!! you blog is worth attention of many more and wi think pretty soon you will hit a 1000 mark. Thanks for mentioning us in your posts, it's an honour. It's a pleasure to learn from your experiences, keep up the good work!

Thank you so much or the kind comment. Yes looking forward to hitting that 1000 mark!

Congratulations on your new milestone and in not giving up on Steemit!

I knew you would make this work if you kept posting and it just gets better from here.

Just returned from Steemfest and met some of the people you mentioned in this post. They also helped me along when I was new to the platform.

@lukestokes was pleasure to meet and talk with and like me, he's so enthusiastic about Steemit.

@kevinwong was the first person to respond to my Open Mic idea and pointed me in the right direction. He also introduced me to @pfunk who has supported Open Mic since it began.

I met @gringalicious and her father @noboxes at Steemfest and love her work, even trying a few of her dishes out myself.

@steemitworldmap is the coolest idea and I look forward to dotting it with Steemians as I travel around the world.

Keep doing what you're doing because your posts are a valuable addition to the community.

Thanks for the mention.

This platform is loaded with great people. Your words of encouragement were invaluable. So glad you had a great time meeting these key members of the community. That @choogirl is something else with her worldmap. Almost as if that thing was made for me. As I can't stay in one place for more than 2 weeks. The beauty of it all is that this is how I've been for years, I haven't changed a thing other than have an outlet to share it with others now. Keep up the great work with the open mic and enjoy a taco for me!

Cheers to sticking it out here on steemit and the good friends you've made. Your blog IS excellent as are your comments, so we all benefit from your presence and contributions here!

And what an honor to be mentioned in your list, glad we're friends here.
I learned of a lot of new people with your mentions! Many were new to me and I've added a few more follows.

Your description of the ways people arrive and move ahead on Steemit is incredibly accurate and I'm not sure I've seen anyone capture it all quite so completely.

Wow, thank you for the very kind words. As each day passes I feel more and more fortunate to have found this place, Steemit. Seems like my communication major (never finished), English teaching experience, and years and years of travel make me quite the fit for this platform. Thank you for confirming that, and making me feel as I've found a home here in the world of steemit along with my unique travel blog. Thank you! -Dan

your post gave me the nudge to post about the subject of user-retention and I quoted you twice ;-)

congrats!! you are doing so well and I'm very proud of your work!!

Thank you. Talk soon.

So glad to see you succeeding. Your posts are helpful, fun, and informative. I love watching people grow and succeed organically.

Thank you so much. Really glad you enjoy the info I share.

hi dear steemit iam a new member in steemit
i will be happy that you see my blog and share your idea and sujjestion how to inprove my blog
thank for your support

Your still here.. Yay... Congrats on the new mile stone keep going my friend, you may stumble and fall but you can get back up and dust your self off!
Everyone is here and ready to help, Keep Steeming... Your doing Fabulous!

Thank you so much! Haven't seen much of you lately on here. I'm sure life has you busy like most of us. Thank you for the encouraging words and support. I'm certainly going to keep at it! Have a great day! -Dan

Life has keep me busy, I feel like a jack rabbit at times on off on off, quickly checking, reading, upvoting it's all apart of the balance.
So glad you're keeping at it.

Nice. So often life is about balance.

follow me,please

Thanks for posting your experience @world-travel-pro. I'm new to Steemit and I appreciate your insights especially from the #travel arena.
-Follower # 525ish.

A few month's ago I read a similar post from @natureofbeing. her insight gave me the inspiration and motivation to keep plugging away. If you're going to make money and build a following here. Network with some of the bigger fish, stick to a strategy and don't pass judgment on earning until you hit 6 months. And of course publish unique quality content. Happy to have you following along. I'll go ahead and check out you blog now.

Awesome. Thanks for the additional user referral and the advice. Plugging Away...Mike