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RE: The Left/Right Skew of Facebook could make the platform even worse in the future

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When I applied to work at the CATO Institute

  • That's really cool @libertylol! Did you get the job?
    • I stopped following CATO on Facebook awhile back, because they had a few posts I just could not stomach...

What are your thoughts on how this can turn?

  • I believe some day we will find Facebook has been under Operation Mockingbird for quite some time, if not since it's inception.
    • I think people will continue to look for a Facebook replacement.

Are you already off Facebook completely?

  • I only visit about once a day to look at memories, read friends and family posts. I rarely post there...
    • The data collection app called Messenger is quite handy to stay in touch with a few of my friends.

I’m still on Facebook and use it for two things, keeping in touch with friends and family and following some libertarian groups to see what the big news of the day is.

No Cato, here :P