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RE: Bigger Than Self Part 2 :Finally! Announcement at the end of this post!

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Before I say thank you to @Lorilikes who have mentioned my name do this post. Cherries 14 years ago which is still in memory, a very heartbreaking events occur on Earth Aceh. The earthquake and Tsunami in Aceh on Sunday morning, December 26, 2004. Approximately 500,000 lives drifting in an instant in the entire world that the rim bordering the Indian Ocean. Aceh was the biggest casualty in the world and the building of thousands of smashed corpses, thousands also lost and not found and thousands of pula corpses in kuburkan en masse.
The earthquake occurred at precisely the time the hour 7:58:53 GMT. The epicenter was located at longitude 3,316 ° N 95,854 ° E approximately 160 km west of Aceh as deep as 10 kilometers. Earthquake measuring 9.3 on the Richter scale, it was the most intense earthquake in the past 40 years that hit Aceh, West coast of Peninsular Malaysia, Thailand, the East coast of India, Sri Lanka, even to the East coast of Africa basic rocked. the sea southwest of Sumatra, just a few hours alone, the tsunami waves from the quake reached the Mainland of Africa. Their shouts rising sea water, sea water rises. Run ... run ..., "lonlongan humans everywhere.
Kocar kacir my family and run in a crowd of men, rescuing myself. I terhayut adx briefly in a torrent of water torrential berlaju it (short story of mine). Fourteen years have passed, we now have to stare at the sky reaching for a dream. Thank you so much @lirilikes I very much appreciate your work, I run out of words over this And goodness on my friends @nasrol, @munawire, @rizky05, @noisse, along with my own @wiralhokseumawe keep developed and developing to reach dreams and ideals.
Thank you so much @lorilikes


Thank you buddy..
we will jointly hold hands to live the future, we have been through a difficult period in 2004, we hope that the grim future will never happen again.
prepare today for the wishes of tomorrow.
we are all very grateful to @lorilikes because he is very sympathetic to us this very horrible child of disaster victims.

Yes thank you very much @wiralhokseumawe .

Keep spirit (y)

U welcome guys @munawire

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