Reached 600 followers - Thank-You To All Thats Supported and I will Continue To Support Back!

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Thankyou for all those who have clicked follows and those who click follow in the future, 

Firstly I started Steemit in March 2017 where I bought around 1000 SP at around 0.18 Cents, I started off slow, just learning the boundaries, and scheme of things. "So wish I bought more at that time" I lost my focus on steemit hen fell off the radar until I seen the price hike to around 2.60. I then looked back and thought DAMIT how wrong was I looking back. 

I started off again in June 2017 wish and now have focused my self and purcahsed over 5000 more SP! 

My interests on Steeemit are - 

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Money
  • Investment
  • Reality 
  • Life
  • Real life events
  •  Facts

Thanyou again to all who have supported and continue to support, If you don't follow me how can I possible vote for you! Peace Out

Mike Williams 


Wohoo Congratulations :) its a great achievement its all because of you hard work on steemit continue to inspire us all :) glad to connect Congrats once again and steem on !!

Hey dude! Thanks for your kind words, hard work dies pay off it just takes others longer than others! Steem in your right! Thanks 👍🔝👏


congratulations! :)
I am pretty sure you will reach the 1000 followers milestone soon ;)

Yea hopfully mate! The more you have the faster it goes up! 👍🔝👏

yeah that is definitely true ;)


Yayy! Congrats @williams858! One more here, upvoted and followed :)

Thankyou dude! 👍🔝

Congratulations!! Now you have another one to add :)

Hey thankyou! ☺


Congrats buddy and not to worry better late than never :)
and best of luck for the next achievement :)

Thanks dude! Thats the next goal! 1000 Followers and 10000 SP!

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congratulation for achieving this milestone :)
I​ am also near to 600.
Keep on Steemin.

Congratulations duddy......

Thankyou! Duddy?? HAHA! ;)

thanks for sharing, its great to see in a acheivements.