"Illuminati" rule the world and make contact with aliens - says the Canadian minister

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Former Defense Minister of Canada claims that the secret world government hides from humanity the secret of free energy and other supertechnologies that can solve many of our planet's problems. The elites not only control the economy and politics, but also contact with the aliens and intend to introduce a new order on Earth - he adds.

There is a secret organization whose representatives are the real rulers of the world and who keeps under the key all kinds of innovative technologies as long as they draw trillion profits from the oil industry. This situation will not change unless thousands of people unite and demand: "Reveal yourself, say what you mean and change your priorities to help preserve this planet for future generations." Enough to start new wars, "he said in a recent radio interview Paul Hellyer, former Minister of Defense of Canada.

In his opinion, the existence of a "group holding power" and attracting strings in world politics and the economy is not conspiracy theory but a brutal reality. Citizens have no idea what is happening at the top of power, where "the good of humanity" is an empty phrase, "Hellyer adds, explaining that for years of political activity he understood the" system "and its narrow group of architects.

94-year-old, but still surprisingly mentally-minded, Hellyer was born into a Ontario family of farmers. In the USA he obtained the education of an aviation engineer and a pilot's license. He fought in the Second World War, and at the end of the 1940s he became involved in politics, becoming the youngest MP in the history of Canada. For a short time he served as deputy minister of defense in Louis St. Laurent, from whom he yielded when his Liberal Party lost the election in 1957. He entered the government once again in 1963, embracing the defense minister's portfolio. During his four-year term of office, a complicated reform involving the consolidation of the Air Force, the Navy and the Army into a uniform Canadian Armed Forces was carried out.

In the following years, Hellyer held the office of transport minister and then he sat in the House of Commons as an independent deputy. Again it became loud about 2005, when - as a political pensioner - he began to speak publicly about the New World Order (NWO), a powerful "group holding power" and its contacts with visitors from space .
Hellyer admits, however, that he is more interested in the future of the Earth and our species than the truth about the aliens, whose development is threatened by climate change and the financial system - a tool to enslave humanity through a narrow group of the richest. He writes about it in detail in the book "Money Mafia: A World in Crisis", where he explains the complex network of connections between influential families and institutions such as the International Monetary Fund or the Federal Reserve System.

"The range of economic terrorism is huge, the IMF or the World Bank not only do not help poor countries, but they put a straitjacket on them, blocking them so that they can not freely create their policies," notes the former minister.
Controlling crises, speculating and driving society into a spiral of debt is one side of the coin. Hellyer claims that the same group, which he calls "Sital" (Cabal), manages global politics, controlling the parties and leaders from the law as well as from the left. For her, it does not matter who has views - he explains. What counts is profit and maintaining control over the society in which the principles of the new order are slowly being introduced, including, inter alia, total surveillance of citizens.

"David Rockefeller once said that the New World Order is simply a change of democracy to the power of the elite. I think that these words perfectly summarize the philosophy and action of him and his colleagues from the end of World War II. different parts of the globe of autocrats that were easy to control, "Hellyer wrote.

But NWO has not only the political and economic dimension. The aim of the project is also to shape the thinking of the masses. The media, and the religions, which are subordinate to the elites, serve this purpose. Conflicted society does not realize the existence of a plan over its head - says the former minister, adding that if World War III breaks out, it will probably be a conflict of ordinary people with corporations, bankers and special services that helping to implement the new order, not they will go back to nothing.

Elites have been in contact with strangers for a long time
Hellyer is one of the few former politicians who openly demand disclosure by the governments and armies of hidden information about UFOs and the presence of foreign breeds on Earth. He says that he became interested in this problem years ago, when together with the late his wife and a group of friends observed a strange object performing surprising aerial maneuvers. While serving as defense minister, he also received reports on similar events, although, he admitted, he was more interested in politics at the time.

"I was told that 80 percent of these incidents had a rational explanation, and the other 20 percent were hard to say. I have no doubt, however, that there were people in my circle who have much more knowledge about it - he said, adding that if he would then speak about these matters openly, he would be effectively "silenced".

Hellyer believes that the Earth has been visited by tens of races from the depths of space for millennia, although he does not specify where he has this knowledge. Some of them are to have bases on the neighboring planets of the Solar System. Not all aliens, however, are friendly to people - said the former politician in an interview in 2014, explaining that the Aliens consider us as a primitive, aggressive and badly promising race.

We spend a lot of time fighting with each other, we spend money on the army instead of feeding the poor or helping the homeless or the sick. We cut forests, pollute rivers and lakes, and sewage flows into the oceans. We do everything that a good host would not do - he said.

Hellyer is convinced that part of the Aliens could support our civilization development, but their help is blocked by elites that have long been in contact with guests from space, and use the information they receive to strengthen their control over humanity. And while some technologies (such as microprocessors) based on extraterrestrial knowledge have become widely used, Sitwa hides more advanced solutions that can help eliminate the most serious problems of the planet, such as global warming or declining drinking water and fossil fuel resources. He also claims that a properly implemented reform would be able to switch the world's energy and economics to completely new paths related to the use of alternative energy sources in a few years. The problem is that nobody cares about it.

  • Both our future and the fate of other creatures on Earth are at risk. We need to become aware of our situation and start cooperating to improve it - he added.


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