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RE: Did Steemit go corporate?

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I'll believe it if and when it is announced. If a corporation like that had already purchased, there would be no need for the current effort already underway at restructuring. Samsung would have no problem putting in a mission, vision, planning team, whatever.
Sorry, to all of you hoping to be rescued by another corporate master: we're on our own. Just like real life!

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I don't know of anyone pining for a corporate master... do you? Maybe you're reading too much into this.
I think if the rumour is true, it would explain the mad restructuring, powering down, project cancellation, and staff layoffs. Seems to me that's the kind of thing that often happens during buyouts and mergers.
Lastly, remember that when large corporations buy small rival companies, it's not always because they want to develop and nurture them. Corps like eBay and FaceBook have been buying up smaller similar companies for years, for example.

Respectfully, I think it's something that happens all the time, but we rarely admit it to ourselves. I wrote a whole post about it Admittedly, the topic "conspiracy" was an assignment, but I think definition 6 of "inspire" works here.

Of course, I'm only guessing and could be wrong. My point is I don't think it explains the restructuring - why get a bunch of amateurs (all respect to amateurs, I am one) to restructure your new asset when you have a whole corporation at your disposal? You'd restructure after taking control.

I think our willingness to believe the rumor (I get it, it's tempting) comes from a desire to believe someone has got it all handled.

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I can only answer for myself on that one: there is no temptation in having someone else 'handle it all' for me. I wonder, are less Steemians looking to be centrally ruled than you're assuming?
Thanks for your article link, I liked it. :) If you're interested, I also spoke about conspiracies (secret plots), here.

Steemians less than most people, to be sure!

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I wasn’t advocating for Samsung buying Steemit, I suppose I should have been clearer about that. In fact, I would likely be opposed for the exact reasons you listed.

Instead, I was just rearticulating that rumors are just that, rumors. We can react appropriately when there is official correspondence confirming or denying those rumors.

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I'm in the same boat. Tread lightly with rumors, folks.