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RE: Announcement: The Dollar Vigilante Witness Proposal (tdv.witness)

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personally, I like to look at skill sets. I think you have been a great asset for SteemIt in bringing your followers. I support the whales in supporting you.

However, for those who think the world is coming to an end... Not sure how your witness will work and how you will access your wallet when the power is out. Stick to endorsing survival foods. I am a fan. Just not sure you are who I would look to for technology.


With so much optic fibre based internet now, we are not in the position of the early noughties where a big solar flare could have taken down most of the internet. Power reliability is a huge concern as is power and thermal efficiency in data centers and routing infrastructure. The chances of such a catastrophic outage of the internet is very low. Even if a lot went down much of it would come back up pretty fast.

Blockchain is like KMFDM:

I always enjoy your comments/musings.

plus thx for reminding me of KMFDM. Better than the rest! been jammin to some older techno-based stuff atm; Kraftwerk's epic live performance: