What If We Had A Profile Page With An Avatar, Clothing And Pets?

in steemit •  6 months ago

So I really think this is a million dollar idea. And since this is a blockchain I am claiming it as mine in this post :p. If we make a profile page for steemit that comes with an avatar we can have blockchain clothing and accessories that you can dress your avatar with. You could also have a unique pet. It would be like crypto kitties but designed so users of steem can personalize their accounts.

We already have already seen how successful steem monsters was, people are ready to collect things on the steem blockchain. This will let them build an avatar and trade/sell the items they are wearing. And the money from the items that are sold by steemit can go into advertising or by burnt.

Plus we can have the option to design our own and add them to the store in set numbers. That way people can create pets and clothing and sell them in the store. This could be a job by itself for those who do not want to blog. And with pets we can make them as complicated as we want to really add depth to the collecting.

This would really make steemit stand out in the social space.


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This is the best idea I have heard today. It shouldn't be hard to accomplish, not that I have any idea how to implement it. But it would I think make Steemit, or Steem, more inviting, people like customization. Look at video games and all the skins that game designers make money off of! People like customization to show their self off.

This is an amazing idea man.
An extensive range of pets, even rhinos....lol. Highly customizable from skin color to everything. I see this trending.


is there anyway by which we can suggest it to steemit @gamsam

This will mean giving people even more things to do when they have nothing to post, in other words activating a deep social and intimate part of people's life on steemit, this will be certainly amazing, I mean this place wouldn't be more social

"Steem Blockchain Persona' - SBP

How about using steem monsters for avatar. Actually if the avatars are made, then we would also need to have an app to put them in the monsters contest as well :-)

This could be awesome!!!

You are a really wonderful person
It is a very wonderful idea for my friend
Thank you for the wonderful information you are doing for us

But I feel like we should have that on a differnet platform not steemit.com

Steemit.com looks like a business/crypto/tech site.

If I can get a pet dragon you can count me in!

I Think its a great idea sir, carry on , best wishes for you.

unique pets idea! really an amazing one?! . I am thinking what if people start to design their pet, is it possible to be unique where there are thousands of account on steemit :O

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I like the way you think. Love reading your posts.

Dude this would just make it gaia online... and there's no way in hell they'd want to interact with anyone on steemit.

this is very nice idea... hope steemit will do something

actually that's a great idea. Not only people will have something more do but the whole process will be more interactive and therefore more time will be spent here on steemit!