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It has been less than two weeks. Two weeks! I wrote a post that we were about to break 5,000 about 12 days ago and now we are about to break the 4,000 mark. We were moving up over a hundred spots a day and we managed to keep that momentum. We are currently, according to Alexa, sitting at 4,012 in the world. And we are in the top 1,000 sites in the UK and South Korea. If this continues we should make it to the top 1,000 in the US as well. This is crazy growth. Can you imagine if this continues past 4,000? I will keep you updated in a week or so to let you know how the movement is going.

As awesome as this is, it is bringing with it new problems. We are getting a LOT of content. This is great for Google searches and growing the network but it is making it harder for content to be seen. We will need to add more filtration to the site so more people can get more of their work seen. It is a problem with every popular site and it is time we start to tackle it (at least once the onboarding problem is fixed). Hopefully communities help, I know I will be making one for gaming stand out :)

Here is the Alexa site for more info:


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Resteemed thanks for sharing!

steemit is going to the moon! no question

Steemit top 1000 in half a year!

To hell with Facebook.

Great content!
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