Beware Scam "Your last post has been copied by Felixjaspeer"

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Hey everyone,

How is everyone today? So on my last post a got a weird comment from someone that stated my post had been copied. Curious I clicked it and ended up on You may notice that there is an extra i in steemit. When I tried to scroll down I got a pop-up that asked for my account and password. Now I didn't do it and I am assuming that if I did I would be missing some SBD and steem. I flagged the message, which is the first flag I ever did on this site and now the comment has been removed from my post.

If you get this message please do not input your account info, especially your password. If the site is stemit, steeemit, steemiit, or anything that is not do not trust it. I do not want people to be lose anything to a scammer. I am curious to see if the comment gets posted on this post, that would be ironic.

here is the link to the scam post:



Thanks for sharing the world about the ongoing scams. I've got us browser extensions made to prevent this kind of attacks. Steemed Phish works 10/10 and I got a warning as soon as I opened the phish.

[ Powered by Steem ] Browser extension to prevent phishing scam attempts

Help us spread the word as far as you can!

Thanks for sharing. I did not get this message on any of my postings but I have seen it today when i was commenting on someone's post. It was odd for sure and good (and not good) to know that it is a scam.

descriptions and good information. this needs to be disseminated. Thank you friend

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I am happy for you you didn't put in your details and took the necessary action at the right time. I read on a post of how a guy lost his account through this type of fake sites forged to get peoples login details.

We must be all vigilant, first check if there is not https:// in the address you are about to login, then secondly the correct spelling Nice of you to enlighten others as well @whatageek

good for you to share. I do also encourage other steemians to join this and keep exposing spam here. my last two posts centered on exposing spammers and their tactics, check it out . lets keep in touch. thanks for sharing

Thaanks for warning the community about this scammer!! we need to protec each other <3

Thanks for the post, would really help escape/avoid scams. :(

Thanks for Your info, I saw a lady having the same trouble today...Good that You survived...

FollowBack every day 100%

Thanks for warning us about this scam..

similar and more techniques are going on already in steemit. spammers are becoming desperate as many steemians also like the poster are doing the needful to expose them. I did post on such issues too we all need to keep exposing spam here. nice comment

Thanks very much for the information, but why are people doing this for God sake

I just posted about this we need to be careful with our keys, thanks for the heads up mate, cheers!

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