Your vote counts... How to cast a vote for a WITNESS

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Why is it important??? Just remember that witnesses are the guardians of the steemit blockchain!

I'm no expert on this but from what I can understand; the top 20 witnesses are in control of the most blocks. They get paid in steem to register/fill/complete the blocks that make up the steemit blockchain. If no blocks are added then everything YOU and I do doesn't end up going anywhere. So basically these are the guys/gals that create the ledgers and "sign off" to record the information here on the steemit platform.

This is where my understanding definitely falls short, but I think each witness has approximately 3 seconds per block and then if they don't sing off it gets passed further down the chain/list. So the higher up the list your witness is the more control he/she has over the steemit blockchain!!!!

Did that make sense???

So make sure you pick the #witness that you know has your best interest at heart.


I'll try and keep this blog as short as possible and I suggest that you do your own research, reach out to other members and learn who are the key players on the #steemit platform.

So first up is how to actually cast a vote:


In the top right of your homescreen/blog you will see the main menu. By clicking this you will get this drop down menu:


Once on that drop down menu, simply select "vote for witness".

As a member of steemit, you have the ability to cast 30 individual votes for the people you feel work the best to suit your goals.

As you can see before today I was only voting for 1 witness - @guiltyparties


I highly recommend that all #steemsilvergold members vote for him. He's always available on our discord channel and always very supportive to new members by answering questions etc....

While I'm here I think I might cast a few extra votes for the ladies and gentlemen that I have had interactions with and the witnesses I know are working hard to make steemit a better place.


@good-karma - ever used the esteem app?? Thank this guy


@enginewitty - always there for support and a great member of #thealliance


@pharesim - not had much interaction, but does like to support the minnows, occasionally drops an upvote (never turn down an upvote 😉)

And lastly


@neoxian - a member and long time supporter of @ssg-community #steemsilvergold. Plus don't forget the owner of the "bank of neoxian".

So those are my choices for now. I'm sure I'll add a few extra over time.


One last extra tip:

If your witness is not in the top 100, you can search and vote for them using the little search bar at the bottom of the voting page to find them:


So although I did say I would try and keep this short, I've blabbed on for far too long. So hopefully you've managed to make it this far and understand the process of how to cast a vote? IT'S FREE and doesn't cost you and RC's so even the new members and minnows should all vote.

If you don't vote, please don't complain about how the #hardfork20 went as the witnesses are the ones that control all of this....

Thanks and happy voting




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Thank you Welshie, much appreciated! And so true, people can't complain if they aren't actively involved.


Exactly. Just hope that a few more #steemsilvergold members take note and help the witnesses that help them.

Thanks for putting this up man.


For what it's worth and my very limited reach on Steemit, I hope that just a few members pick this up and cast their votes for you and a few other deserved witnesses

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Thanks Welsh!!! I still got votes open and am always trying to see how I can vote fore better witnesses.


I am now also voting for @c0ff33a and @aggroed these 2 should have always been on my list.


I just added @c0ff33a (just say guilty mention them in discord too), @aggroed, @good-karma, and @pharesim. Still got 9 votes left. Need to find more good ones, and make sure some of my earlier votes are still legit.

I also vote for those who create the tools I use to view the blockchain.


Thank you for the Witness vote, I really appreciate it - myself and @derangedvisions invest a great deal of time working at supporting people and communities in our own ways.


Thank you very much for your support, I try my best to get around as many people as I can but it is becoming an uphill struggle with more people and posts then I ever get free time to visit them. I keep trying my best to promote and encourage people, and support as many community projects as I can.


I've seen it first hand and thank you for everything you do buddy. Keep up the great work. 👍

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Gotta get those votes in and support those who support steemit's growth. Thanks @welshstacker!


Exactly KS. We have the ability to control our own futures.

Good valid points and a great walk through. And speaking of votes counting, do you know about the vote competition going on to get steem put in virtual ATMs in retail stores around the world? We could really use your help with a vote and or helping spread the word. Here's a link to vote so it is quick and easy for you.
And here's a link to a post i did explaining it a little more.
If you're already helping, thanks so much! And if you're currently unable, i appreciate you taking the time to listen. Have a wonderful day. 😀

I'm always glad to see awareness being raised around the importance of voting for witnesses. I've been voting for @guiltyparties, @enginewitty, @c0ff33a, and @pharesim for a while now, but there are too many people who don't vote for witnesses. Props to you for doing this post!


Glad you still have faith in me🤗

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