Steemit should separate tweet like posts from blog posts and reward them differently so that we could become the new twitter equivalent

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There is a problem with steemit posts of different effort being treated similarly. Not only can a comment make as much steem as a 10 A4 page article, the problem is also the categorization of posts. Therefore, I propose a change that could potentially enable bloggers and tweeters (not sure what to call them) to coexist in the same platform without affecting each other. The proposal is to make two sections for steemit.

What should these two sections be?

The basic idea would be to have one section for short posts, say anything under 100-200 words. And another for blog posts, which you could only post if your word count exceeds 100-200 words (just proposing something now). The sections could be something like:

1. Steem It

2. Steem Blog

Ok, so those are just a suggestion. The idea behind this is more important. We are constantly bombarded by what some of us think is spam. Posts that are very short and have no value to most, however, if these posts were to be separated, they could together build up the new facebook or twitter or whatever. They would start to have a value of their own. People from other platforms could come here, even if they don't think blogging is for them and they don't want to plague the system with status updates.

What would change?

So as you can see, it isn't only to get rid of the short posts, but to let those who believe it has value bring the true value to it. Now of course, if we were to create a section which encourages small posts, the price allocated should be thought about. Therefore, I would propose that the other section would go back to the HF18 1/4 voting power. Thereby, resolving the problem that could occur that people who put time into creating long posts wouldn't be left out when there are millions of users posting "I ate a bun today hehe" and a picture.

This change would bring in people who don't want to blog, but would like to change from twitter or facebook. And they wouldn't need to plague peoples blog feeds with everything that might come to their mind. Some of them could still make more than bloggers. And many of them would. We would see instagram famous people etc. migrating here, when there was an actual section for them.

What changes would be needed?

Well, I'm not completely sure, but to me it seems like a rather small amount of changes. The interface would need a mirror section in the beginning. And eventually it could be changed to be more the kind people wish it to be. The blog section could remain the same for now also. The pricing and assignment should be based on the number of words (or characters) in the post. A button could be added to assign to other section, but it wouldn't let you post in the blog section if you don't reach a certain amount of words.

I'm mainly throwing around ideas. But what do you think? Would this be plausible? Would it make sense to you?

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Yes, it should be separated.

Yes I understand about your idie. This is probably very true about your article thanks you bro

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"I ate a bun today hehe" lol so accurate! :D

I read this thing word for word, and it's actually a decent idea. You have thought it through pretty in-detail.

Good post my dude. I would just add a bit more picture because for the average person, they will just get bored with writing.. Great stuff. Talk soon.


Thanks :) I try to add pictures, but I also try to add related pictures and don't want to use pictures I don't have a permission to use. This time it was hard to think of any. Maybe, I could've illustrated the changes.

No - you just have to have "not crap" in short posts or long posts. The reason those quick stupid posts come out is because people are in vote-for-vote type groups and they need to get ### posts per day for maximum cash.

Sometimes a short post is way cool and appreciated by all. But a huge percentage of short posts on steemit are encouraged by the teams in the chats. That's where most of the spammy content is coming from as far as I can tell.

They can make good money in those circles while still minnows and the more posts the better so they are not doing long ones.


I'm not saying short posts can't be cool and appreciated, therefore I'm not proposing to eliminate them. I'm just proposing an effort based reward system. If something is highly appreciated, it will still earn hundreds like before HF19. It will just make people who put effort into their posts rewarded more.

Also I'm not saying it is the perfect solution, but it really doesn't make sense to me that everything is rewarded the same. It is pretty discouraging for someone new. Also, sometimes I feel I should just start posting pictures and titles. And since HF19 some whales are even doing that, because they can. It is basically taking advantage of the system the wrong way and isn't sustainable.


And it's being encouraged by the bots. I'm here as a content creator and those are the people I would recruit. They will not come if this is a place with cat pictures.

Look through some of the bot tags like I have and see the level of quality. A few are very good - manually curated. A few are really bad - voting without looking, or voting at 30 minutes no matter what.

That's what makes it look spammy. If that bot reward was not happening no one would upvote those posts and they would go away.


I see your point, but we cannot ban people from doing stuff they already do. It is best just to let them continue, but move them away from the other stuff.


The only way would be to not support the content, but the bots support it no matter what. I'm trying to keep my blinders on :)

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