Steemit Comedy Club - Real Comics... Real Life... Real Exposure - Need Input

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I have an idea and have the ability to pull this off... with your help. What do you think about starting a Steemit Comedy Club?

Background: I've started two comedy clubs and multiple comedy nights. I currently run a club and an open mic. I've personally been doing comedy for over 6 years.

Goal: Create a real life comedy experience integrated with Steemit and DTube with a goal of gaining exposure to the Steem blockchain. With a goal of also helping local charities. 

Concept: Hold a weekly or monthly comedy night called "Steemit Comedy" where real comedians perform in front of a crowd at a comedy club. The content is streamed on D-Tube and the comedy sets would be posted as content on Steemit. The shows would be promoted to expand the awareness of Steemit and DTube.

How it works: 

Step 1. Find a location. (I have two that are interested) The venue pays for some promotion and advertising. Benefit - They will keep all food and beverage sales.

Step 2. Get The Comics (I have many interested) They must sign up for Steemit.  The comics will be paid by SBD earned by the payouts of the posts on Steemit. Voting by Steemonians will determine how the money is paid out. All comics will get something.

Step 3. Build Steemit Support. In order to make it worth while for the comics, the posts will need to make at least abut $100. That is split 5 ways for the comics involved. In the comments let me know if this is something you would support. Benefit - Great content for Steemit and a crowing comedy base. Plus a lot of advertising.

Step 4. Find Local Charity. Here's the kicker... We find a local charity and the only admission cost to the show is a donation. Like 5 cans of food to get in. Food goes to food bank. Stuff like that. This adds a great benefit for the community and a low cost entrance for the live audience.  The positive spin will help brand Steemit well and will also get comics to participate at a discount.

Step 5. Hold Show. Hold the show after advertising. Then take all the sets and post them up for voting. After seven days, all comics will be presented with their share of SBD for their performance.

Then do it again.

I have the ability to do this and can travel with it. I can hit up several major markets on the east coast of the US if we can get this rolling. If we could bring in around $500 per post, I could get some really good comedians and have some killer shows. It would be also a way for local Steemit fans to meet-up at shows.

Let me know your thoughts. I am very interested. I am already producing shows, filming them and can easily add this to my plate. 

Please share if you think this is a good idea. 

Thank you!!!

I really appreciate your time.

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this could work WK, and we can always top it up with @comedyopenmic support and other curators from ddaily, curie, c^2, ocd, etc...and then some!

will be a few rocky start, but if you're patient and persistent, I can see this taking off!


left you a message in Discord...lets discuss this further!

Yes its a great idea. My suport is with you. You can gonna a step forward in this event.

I agree with you that not weekly i think if monthly comedy night called "steemit comedy" here real comedian doing perform. its really good idea not bad.

Really Great idea , Your 5 step thinking is really provide something is different.

Have a nice day.

You know you always have my support, Do we do all these things online?

I would help with some votes. This might be the kind of thing @comedyopenmic was made to endorse. Also, check on @artzone. Not sure about that one, but I know some of the people running it like performance and stand up comedy. Worth a shot.

Sounds like a great idea. I wonder if you should hook up with comedyopenmic? They might be able to promo it within steemit. Should also talk to the folks behind DLive. You would have my votes.

Great idea I would love to find some really killer entries here ^^

It's a nice idea, and would need much publicity to achieve the financial goal set here.
I believe it will fly, but will probably take some time.