VostokArmy Discord--We are looking for a few good Steemians

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We are recruiting new Steemian soldiers:


I am very excited about the @Vostokarmy Discord Our members are really great people with a positive attitude about Steemit and it's future, we are excited to talk about new ideas and we really like engagement. There are many good reasons to join for new and veteran Steemians, a server about being helpful and supportive and always working on new ideas.

If you are looking for a better way to network and a way to stay positive and have your questions answered without feeling bad about asking, we are here 24/7 for you to come by and join the troop. There are many great discord groups and we pride ourselves in taking a little something good from each group and networking together to find better ways to approach the Steemit platform. We are looking forward to recruiting you and getting to know you, we will see you there!

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wow..i am inspire about to seeing your thought..i want to join also sir..your channel ls supportive comment touch my heart..thanks..Sir for your this great mentality..

just click on the link and come and by to say hello :) looking forward to seeing you

I just mention you there guys

glad you made it to the discord


you're welcome, doing my best

I’ve joined up. Looks interesting.

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really glad you made it, and happy to have another member going to steemfest!! can't wait to get to meet you

On a mission vlad!!!

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I hence forth summon your verbal eloquence to partake of the subjects at hand with the intent of substance addition and not subtraction as you've demonstrated just now.

Gosh! Very funny! Love your prose and humour!

Also love to have those pieces of chocolate.

@meno is a man of many words :)

damn you clown, leave @meno alone...he brought choco

Yes Sensei--You know before I got to discord I was doing the deal but not having much fun, @helpie & @msp-waves made everything cool at first, and than that grew into really damn cool. Such a great network to tap into and all inclusive is what I like the most, not saying every discord will please every person but as the network strenghtens and begins to overlap it turns into a really strong force of like-minded people as well as people who are really good at agreeing to disagree and moving on to getting to know each other and sharing their thoughts, dreams, and things they are working on ... It's just been a really good experience for me even with the ups and down--made the down's pleasurable and the ups -- it's all about the long term and this Ninja in training is all in. Appreciate you @meno and @ankapolo ..both of you really helped open up many possibilities for me and the @vostokarmy discord is just an extension of that. Congrats on your @helpie witness, I got the pleasure to cast my vote for you yesterday as well as add an easy link to vote for you on my discord for members. thanks for the choco :)

With big pleasure and respect I join VOSTOKARMY Discord!

thanks for joining, and thanks for the invite to steemitteamrussia..great to meet you

Yeah man! That is a really cool Discord you created with great music and radio channels inside, live talks and many more cool stuff there.
I feel like I am going to make some career in VOSTOKARMY!

And yes man, I am also very glad to finally meet you too!)

we got a career man!! sounds really good, I am very proud of it and it's people like you that make it all worth it :) Really good to meet you too, we are live on air right now if you're round

@vladivostok @vostokarmy is a very friendly, open minded and helpful community. Especially for planktons and minnows to grow up their carriers in steemit as well as in the blockchain. As a plankton i too am getting incredible support from them since joining their group. Theu respect and adore good quality writers and bloggers. They engaze a lot.. So u r free to discuss anything and any time.

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i appreciate you being in the troop ...we keep up the fight

Wow! that is the spirit!!

I like how the community here is helpful to minnows and keeping steemians engaged.

we do some good where there, couldn't do it without you brother :)

We do a great job for sure, thanks to all your help @gray00 ...I couldn't have done it without you. Appreciate you.

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thank you, you could come and join the good fight if you wish

Good day.
I will be glad to join.

glad to see you made it

Hi @ vladivostok
Hi I from India. I would like join this and explore. Let see if can contribute anything to this group.

yes please, come by

interesting blog its fully informative :))

i am glad you like it :)

Congratulations @vladivostok!
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thank you, i am pretty excited about it

I want to join your discord. I also like engagement. Thanks for your invite.

i am glad to see you made it