A Night with @ned and @sneak - Smart Media Tokens SMTs and more

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Monday, October 16, 2017, 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM in San Francisco, CA - Information about Smart Media Tokens (SMTs) and more!

Location: DG717, 717 Market Street, Suite 100, San Francisco, California 94103 (View Map)

Steemit SF is incredibly excited to bring you Steemit Founder and CEO Ned Scott (@ned) and Steemit CTO, Jeffrey Paul (@sneak). Ned will be discussing his vision of Steemit and their latest announcement, Smart Media Tokens "a new way for publishers to monetize their online content and community, based on battle-tested blockchain technology."

Answers: steemit development and ICOs w/SMTs [VIDEO]

Explainer: Value Flows on Steem with SMTs [VIDEO]

Announcing: Smart Media Tokens (SMTs)

Note: lap top battery running low. Will add other videos later tonight.

Smart Media Tokens: Why We're Doing It [VIDEO]

Find out more about Smart Media Tokens. (https://smt.steem.io/)

Afterwards, Jeffrey will be discussing dev tools and ways for people to get involved in the growing Steem dev community.

Steemit is a "blockchain based public content platform" that allows people to be rewarded for creating original content (Proof of Brain). Built on the Steem blockchain, it is one of many projects that make use of the fast and feeless three second transactions necessary for the nearly 900,000 daily transactions created by its users. Steemit has over 350,000 registered users and is ranked #2,150 for worldwide website traffic according to Alexa.

Tenative Schedule

  • 7:00PM-7:30PM Networking and pizza
  • 7:30PM-8:15PM Ned, Steemit Founder and CEO
  • 8:15PM-8:45PM Jeffrey, Steemit CTO
  • 8:45PM-9:00PM More Networking

RSVP & Tickets:

On Eventbrite & On MeetUp.com

Look forward to seeing everyone there! Some of whom I may know or may know me already!

Looks like the following people will be there

(apologize for mistakes if any and omissions)
@ned, @sneak, @steemrollin, @robertdurst10, @stevehutchins, @goldmatter­s, @ann-marie, @gersh, @somethingsubtle, @virtualgrowth, @cybercodetwins

Feel free to let me know if there is anything people would like me to talk about during my time there too. See everyone soon!



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Cool man. Looking forward to this.

Can't wait for SMT to show the world how Steemit is absolutely great !
And hope to see many famous website using it =)

See you there...... NEXT TIME LOLlet us know what you find out. I'm excited


Guess I may see you next time then!


So cool you are going to be there! Have a good time.

Will it be recorded and shared?

It would be cool if it was also broadcasted Live on youtube or facebook. I live several states away from Cali and I guess there are many others like me who want to attend as well. Live broadcasting would be much better than the recorded one. Pretty sure there would be a recorded version later onwards. Thanks for the info @virtualgrowth. Keep updating us.

Thanks for the update... I'll look forward to watching the video of this. Peace

See you there...

looks like it was dope ;)