How to be (more) Social on a Social Media Platform - Part 1 - Discord

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I'm sure don't need to tell you all, that social media usually aren't half as social as they sound. The same goes for Steemit.

Being a single guy, on a house hunt in a foreign country, staying in temporary places where I don't have any 'friends', with Steemit being my only 'job', things can feel a little lonely at times.

It's not my aim, though, to make this a pity party. It's easy to complain. In fact, I wanna do the opposite.

How am I using Steemit - and Discord - in the most socially fulfilling way possible? Or, in other words, how have I been shapeshifting myself on here since my start ( late June 2017 ), to make this place as socially fulfilling as it can be?

July 2017

Lost in the Steemit Sea


As is the case with most people on here, when I just started at Steemit ( late June last year ), I felt like I was thrown into the deep of the swimming pool, without even knowing how to swim. I was like Nemo, desperately searching for his parents. Or, at least, for some 'friends', who could help me find them.

And, if you know me, orienting myself isn't one of my strongest points.

Discovering Discord

Because of that, reading about Discord and then ending up in the @minnowsupport channel, was like finding a home. I met loads of more experienced Steemians in there. And many of them were willing to help lost fish like me.

If I need to believe my chat history, I started using Discord, July last year. Almost 11 months ago. At first, I had some trouble with the whole chat thing and feeling comfortable with it. To be honest, chatting - besides the necessary evil Whatsapp ( that I mainly use to connect with my family and a bunch of friends ) and the less evil Skype - I hadn't seriously chatted, for over a decade. I'm talking about the MSN and ICQ days here.

Making Friends and building a Following


Discord is the place where I made my first friends. And I'm not exaggerating when I'm saying that a bunch of these people have become real friends. Even if I haven't met them in real life (yet). Logically, most of these people have become some of my most loyal followers ( and vice versa, I have become a loyal follower of them ). We help, support, motivate and inspire each other on an almost daily basis. Like friends do.

Not Just Small Talk


For me, it has always been about more than just chit chat, small talk. It's the people that haven't 'just' spent time with me in a group chat but that have taken the time to connect with me in a more private way, that I really consider friends.

Levels of Interaction

What I'm trying to say here, is that there are plenty of levels of social interaction. From group chatting to one on one chats. From text chatting to voice and or video calls, to name a few.

Nevertheless, we all have our levels and modes of communication that we feel most comfortable with. For me that is probably a one on one voice chat ( without video ). Or, if possible - the most natural:

one on one, face to face, in real life.

Nevertheless, until the day that I meet my Steemian buddies in real life, the most social and comfortable way of interacting for both of us will need to do.

In the follow up to this post I will talk about using Steemit itself in a more social way

What about you? How do you interact on Steemit and Discord? What mode and level of communication do you prefer? Have you made any changes along the road?

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Social media can be remarkably unsociable given the name, can't it XD Most of my steem interactions is basically being a comment/upvote spatter cannon. On Discord there's too many factors XD But I do like occasionally throwing random sketches into the channel if people say something that makes me want to draw XP



Most of my steem interactions is basically being a comment/upvote spatter cannon.

I know that and you're extremely good at that. You're very much you and I can't say that of everyone on this platform ;>)

You're an extremely social introvert ( on here )


Not really, in the ideal universe I'd get through my feed and then tackle some poor unsuspecting newbies/randoms in other tags, but I pretty much never get around to doing that XD

I can be extremely social in text, it's much easier than in the same physical space ;D



I get it. I guess we're very much alike (socially).

I am trying to take a couple of newbies under my wing, though, but it's way easier to do the rounds amongst the people you know a little better


I have a slightly higher tendency to adopt artists for obvious reasons, and yeh I feel the same way, as the ones I adopted were from TA announcements or Discord channels rather than randoms in tags.

I really need some front end to have filters!



Same here. I'm somewhat tilted towards artists :>)

face to face, or one on one text-chat, preferably encrypted.
I love using discord and slack for announcements. private conversations are much better for depth and productivity in my experience.