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Typically, I avoid issues as inflammatory as what I about to discuss....but I can't keep my mouth shut any damn longer!

On Monday, four Minneapolis Police officer's arrested a man on false charges made by a local retailer. Three of those four officers then proceeded to pin the man to the ground with one of the officers kneeling on the mans neck until he was dead....completely ignoring is pleas and begging for help.

Notice I did not mention any race or color in my above statement....however, the MSM and groups like BLM and ANTIFA can talk about nothing but RACE.

We now know, sadly, that the officer "Derek Chauvin" is in fact a racist who has received 18 complaints over his 19 year career as a Police Officer....none of them resulting in any "justice" for his victims. Oh and "The Gentle Giant" wasn't the first person he killed without justification either.

Now, the truth of the matter, is people should be pissed off....not because a black man was killed by a white cop....not because two other white cops helped restrain him while he laid there dying....not because an Asian cop stood there and did nothing. Not even because the store owner called in bogus forgery charges. People should be pissed because this keeps's not just white cops killing black people either.....but sadly those are the only times the MSM or groups like BLM and ANTIFA speak out....when they scan SCREAM RACISM and justify RIOTS AND DESTRUCTION.

Every single day, in the United States, police officers across this country cross the line and take someone's life without justification. Sometimes the officer and the person they kill are different colors, sometimes they are the same color....but the color of the officer or the person they kill is IRRELEVANT.

There are a couple of truths that we, as Americans, need to accept and change:

1.) Police Officers have a very hard job, are typically under trained and over worked and are HUMAN BEINGS prone to making mistakes....mainly because they do not have the proper support to deal with the Physical and Mental Stress they endure on a daily basis.
2.) The main reason that RACISM still exists in this country isn't because of "White Priveledge"; it is because of the way the MSM reports on Police Brutality (or doesn't report on it) as well as the result of people and groups who take every opportunity to scream RACISM or WHITE PRIVELEDGE or BLACK LIVES MATTER and then go out and destroy things. You never hear of White People (or Asians) go out and PROTEST or RIOT when a Black Cop kills an innocent White (or Asian) person....Why? Because the vast majority of White (or Asian) people ARE NOT RACIST. The simple truth is that, as a general rule, the person who screams it the loudest is the guilty that I mean those people who always go out, at every opportunity, and SCREAM that someone or something is RACIST are in fact themselves RACIST and they are the ones perpetuating RACISM.

Now don't get me wrong, Derek Chauvin is without any doubt a racist pig who should have been fired from the police department a very long time ago and been in jail for many years.....but these protests and riots are doing nothing but furthering the division in this country and inciting racism among all Americans....regardless of their skin color.

Instead of Protesting and Rioting every time a person with dark skin is killed by a light skinned police officer; we should be organizing Fundraising Events to raise money to help properly train out police officers and provide proper psychiatric care for our police officers....and not just when a black person is killed by a white cop....but any time a cop kills an innocent person.

Until we quit seeing COLOR OF SKIN and start SEEING THE REAL PROBLEM (as I have mentioned above) no amount of Protests or Riots will ever make things better, for anyone!

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