What will be the future of Steemit?

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Steemit is growing by the minute with new people coming from around the world. Everyone is excited to make a profit on the platform and some are here to make a name and reputation for themselves. The market is currently looking good and is starting to restore from the recent damage that was caused with BTC, yet that doesn't seem to have any change for us steemians. Even if the market fully recovers we are still looking at low profits due to the mass waves of people that are coming to the platform. As you might know steem and sbd have a current market cap which is 255,534,565 USD.

At the moment there are 250,000 people on the platform and more are coming by the minute, so let's make a fast calculation.

Lets say 250,000 people have x100 steem, that will total at 25,000,000. Now that is not correct because most of the accounts are forsaken and inactive but with a join rate at 4,000 people per day that would mean that we will be receiving 127,000 people per month. The more people that come here the more the word spreads like wildfire and looking at the calculations everything will be going down by the day when it comes to payouts.


At the moment is the top investments go into projects that the community is making, which indicates that the masses are sponsoring the future development of third party projects. This would indicate that steemit is orientated towards project developement and sooner or later writers and authors will find it hard to cope with the platform. This is a personal perspective which I think is slowly gathering momentum.

The future of minnows is looking grimer by the day.
The main thing I am waiting to see is what will HF20 bring to the platform. One speculation is that the new Accounts will actually have to pay 10steem to be approved, which would indicate a great leap in the market, meaning that if we have 4,000 accounts by the day, the market cap will rise 40,000 USD every day. This would be a great boost towards the future of authors and writers and would probably open up more opportunities for smaller projects.

What do you think about the current situation?


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