Hey Steemians, it's been a while.

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Hello everybody, Vancry here to give you my Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year wishes. Better late than never I suppose. I'll try to not disappear... again xd

So how'd you guys start this brand new 2018? My sister gave me a little puppy for Christmas

Her name's Hannah. She's about 2 months and a half. She's a cutie, but destroys almost anything she touches. She drives us (my mom and me) crazy, but we already love her a lot!

I just wanted to say that, I didn't really have nothing prepared for today... but it's good to be back.

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Thank you for your time!


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Hola @vancry, upv0t3
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<3 Este es un corazón, o un helado, tu eliges .

: )

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Hi @vancry, I have seen that you do graphic designs. Are you interested in my graphic contest?


Thanks : )