Overview Weekly Photography Challenges on Steemit - Growth-Idea

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Weekly Photography challenges overview

I am having more and more fun with these daily / weekly photography challenges I strongly encourage you to join for fun.

This is another Growth-idea to attract Content Creators

From many other platforms I had the pleasure to meet tons of awesome photographers and artists. These small challenges kept some platforms alive and created serious relations amongst users. This is a small operation idea that might help growing our lovely platform s well!

Here is just a small overview about the current daily challenges I am aware of - feel free to check and join them Steemians:

MonochromeMonday - initiated by @old-guy-photos

TreeTuesday - initiated by @old-guy-photos

BeachWednesday - initiated by @uwelang

SunThursday - initiated by @uwelang

LoveFriday - initiated by @liliana.duarte

I have some more I could start for other days but I have already two above plus DanceWeekend any my series about Sports History and Beer (I need to start again). Anyone interested in doing some for Saturday or Sunday I am happy to help, support and give title hints.

Today is TreeTuesday btw. - Namaste - Steem On and Checkout the other Steemians for inspiration and check the hashtags of the challenges!

Growth-Idea related questions to answer!

What is the problem? Lack of professional content creators especially in photography space we miss a lot out there

What is the solution? See above

How will you prove your project was a success? The numbers of new artists will be visible to anyone but I will provide you with a detailed report about new joiners incl. their proven artwork

Photography Template from Pixabay


Thanks for sharing, I was fully unaware of any of these contests! Namaste :)

You are welcome Bro - therefore we are a community of friends - we need to repeat or summarise good stuff for newbies as well as oldies (if good lol) - thanks for the feedback!

This sounds like so much fun! I'm going to hop on board next week when I get to take some vacation photos. Just upvoted and followed. Keep doing what you're doing.

Hey @uwelang the photo contests are great! Keep it up bro!!!!!

I am trying it - i started this when i joined - i restarted it again when i got back for re-join in January - seems now it could finally be established - takes a while. Patience is my key asset lol

Patience is a very good thing to have along with perseverance!

agreed - tough sometimes but i can pay off eventually! Thanks for feeding back @kus-knee

uwelang Uwe Lang tweeted @ 02 May 2017 - 18:27 UTC

Overview #photography #challenges - join this platform to get rewarded and have fun if you are an #Artist

steemit.com/steemit/@uwela… / https://t.co/dlVand9JqS

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Ohh I didn't know about that...thank you! resteemed

Thanks a lot @aksinya - This is Only the Beginning!

I bought a new camera)) Just need to learn to make good photos)) I will start my classes online very soon. I have already paid for that))...I can't wait to join with good photos))

cool, good luck, can't wait to see your results - btw i never used a pro camera

I bought canon eos100d. for the beginners. I don't think it is professional either

Looking forward to your work - i only use smartphone a the moment but also had a canon camera before

Thank you! I will be posting my progress if any))

Thanks for proposing this idea! I'm looking forward to seeing what others think. Photos are a universal medium; we could use a lot more fun activities and contests there.

Exactly @donkeypong - but no real engagement here on my idea posts which means screw this as all other ideas I had. Thanks for commenting though

As we grow bigger, things like this will be important. Perhaps people see it as more of a community idea than a growth one. It's still very useful.

Who knows - indeed a community idea for growth. A more strategical one i submitted earlier but I have to check the "protocol" first - may the future be bright. Thanks @donkeypong

Growth is growth, I agree. I'm just speculating some people may distinguish between the internal building (retention and participation being the measures) and external growth (bringing in new users). In the end, it's all the same thing in my mind, though.

Indeed - external growth we also need to go for various different target groups - creator, engager, investors - all require different messaging and plan of attack.

I have done #treetuesday twice. I may be able to get to #beachwednesday with a recent walk on May Day. :-)

I would love to join this contest and I am organizing a contest myself here is the link https://steemit.com/life/@looftee/win-5-steem-dollar-a-day-without-internet-challenge And Namaste I like you did it, I am from India and it originated from here, if you would like to learn more stuff Like Namaste, feel free to ping me on chat @uwelang

Feel free to join them - today is #BeachWednesday - checking our contest

Thanks for the tips! I'm new here. Please read my Introduceyourself blog about stock photography. I have a lot to share, as I have been in the business for over 20 years and have seen so many changes! I'm excited about sharing here and also learning from others! I will follow you. Is there a photography group or anything? I'm still finding my way around Steemit!