Steemit BitConnect's Trevon James Has a Fortune on Steemit

in steemit •  4 months ago

Hello Steemin Guys ! One of the BitConnect flamboyant promoters, Trevon James, has a hefty wallet on the Steemit social network platform. Trevon James, one of the most famous promoters of the BitConnect pyramid scheme, was also a large-scale account holder on the blockchain-powered social network Steemit. As of February 18, his account was worth upward of $1 million, due to the high level of the STEEM Power asset, which is not traded on an exchange, but is measured in terms of STEEM prices. "Trevon James Brown did not earn this dosh on Steemit, the balance yeh c is the dosh that he claims was half inched from his Exodus wallet awhile back by a hacker, which is the dosh he swindled via the BitConnect affiliate programme," wrote one Reddit user. The Steemit platform is just one of the apps on the Steem blockchain, with other projects coming along:PicsArt_09-10-11.03.01.jpg

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Post his account so we can see for ourselves


@vander Ok👍Thanks