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Some of you may have seen or used my previous steem tools. SteemWriter and AutoSteem. While Autosteem is broken at the moment (can anyone help getitng its live wocksocket streem working for me again?) but my writing app, SteemWriter is still a very useful tool I wanted to highlight again for people who may not know about it.

Basically, it lets you draft your posts, and you can preview it live and hold as many drafts as you like at once, ready to post to steemit later whenever you like.
It doesn't need any account, logins, keys or anything. Just use it from the same browser, and that browser will keep your posts in its local storage.

That's it. Give a try and a should out if you like it.
I use it for all my posts and previewing photos, etc.

Steemwriter 1.0

Overview and Features

Here are a few of the features I've built in, which I wanted to address and make something better than the "submit a story" option at steemit today.

  • Simple Help and Guided Tour
  • No Logins needed at this time
  • Multiple Drafts
  • Autosave detection
  • Live Preview
  • Snippets
  • Export backups to local json files

Multiple Drafts and Stories

  • Most importantly, I wanted the ability to create and switch between many different drafts
  • Each draft has its title, story and tags that can easily be saved, so you can switch between them and come back at any time.
  • With multiple stories, its eaiser to copy and paste between them for any content or elements in your posts that you repeat.

Live Preview

  • The editor has a side by side editor and preview, so its much easier to see the layout of your story, while you are typing it, which I find a lot easier than having to scroll up and down.
  • The preview supports all markdown just like steemit, so you can type and see the preview live
  • Works on a wider screen layout, so the preview can be scrolled independantly
  • Images in the preview will auto scale to the width if you use a smaller screen or shrink down your window.


  • Similar to to any story, but intended for copy and pasting into your posts, snippets let you store things like your signature, previous post links or other elements in markdown format that you want to have easily available and quick to copy and paste into your posts.
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Hello @unipsycho, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

Wow this is cool and did you integrate keychain with it? What's the languages you used to dev this tool?