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RE: To vote yourself up, or not to vote yourself up, that's the question.

in #steemit3 years ago

To be clear, I don't do self-upvoting.

Now, that being said, I don't deem it's wrong to upvote yourself. It's freedom of choice. Our voice. Every user's choosing. Now, is it driven by greed? I can't answer them.

But, as you present the example of Pepsico, sure, if they packed with One Million dollar, single upvote would produce enough rewards for them. Good for them I surmise. And, I think, that's the motivation behind the action. After all, you have to understand the factor of "money."

Now, having said that, I kinda, prefer not voting of our comments. On a post/article, I guess, okay (fair to me). But, when you comment on someone's post, you appreciate the work of someone (if not criticize). The content of the post. Not the intent of making rewards out of it. I would say, it's not a good curation. It's an intention-driven attitude- And, that's just me.

For instance, in this very article, I can comment,
|This is an interesting article
And upvote my comment. Who cares. I will get my share and done with it.
You see the point. Here my intention would be to get rewards. I don't add any value to your writing. Your post. Your content. Your thought.
And, this to me is not a healthy sign for the community to grow.

But, as I said, it's one's will and freedom. You and I can't stop it. Of course, none of us is trying. It can be the guide. If we have to stop it, we have to make the changes to the code and have it enforced for all.

If not, it's okay to have this option. It's ultimate users call.

Lastly, I do want to mention; it's a different type of article. Often user asks, including me. You just pen them down. Good thought. @intelliguy


I read everything you said, and you make some good points. The confusion comes from, we need to define a status quo so people who think they're doing what the majority do, don't get penalized by the few (and some of they could be heavy whales) if there isn't a status quo.

I am confused on your last sentence though:

Often user asks, including me. You just pen them down. Good thought. @intelliguy

No sure what this last bit means.. Can you rephrase? I don't want to miss your intended meaning.

Sorry, my bad. I didn't even scan through before I hit "post" button.
I often see, users comments on posts and upvote themsleves. I feel like really!!!
You came here to appreciate the work or get the rewards! I was befuddled. And this trend was seen profoundly in late. Maybe, due to HF19.
So, I often asked this question to myself. Is it right? (Again, as I always believe, there is no right or wrong. Particularly in the world of new internet and blockchain).
But, I didn't know whom to ask. Rather, self-validation was my mental state.
And, that's when you rightly emerge with your analytical views and curious thoughts.

"Often user asks, including me. You just pen them down. Good thought."

And, you correctly portrayed my feelings here.
Above line was just to say, I liked the article and the thoughts you expressed in it.

Sorry about my verbiage. @intelliguy