Facebook Bomb - Mass Promotion + Steem Giveaway!

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From now on, when you make a post to your Facebook page that promotes Steemit, you can win free STEEM!

     What Can I Win?     

I'm giving away all of the liquid Steem Backed Dollars from this post. This post is set to 50%/50% so the more people who upvote, the larger the prize fund gets.

     How Do I Enter?     

1.) Make a post to your Facebook page or profile that promotes the Steemit network

2.) Put a link to your post in the comments section below

3.) Upvote this post

That's it! You're now entered to win. (You can enter one time per contest)

     How Does The Money Work?     

In 7 days, when this post pays out, I'll post a list of upovoters and then use random.org to generate a random number, the corresponding upvoter in the list will win the Steem/SBD.

Tah dah!



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This competition was inspired by @stormriderstudio - Check out his daily competition and Steem giveaway!

RESTEEM this post to make the jackpot bigger!

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Remember - you must upvote this post and leave a comment with your promotional link by Wednesday 7/5 in order to enter and win!

Activity for this post: https://steemd.com/steemit/@trevorlyman/daily-facebook-bomb-mass-promotion-steem-giveaway

Feel free to reward people for promoting the Steemit network by upvoting the comments with links, below. :D

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Thank you @saintopic - I need a specific post for this contest so I will use this one that I found from your link: https://www.facebook.com/olaseni/posts/10158939022100574?pnref=story

Also, please be sure to upvote this post in order to enter. Thanks again! :)


Glad you found a post to use from my link, really appreciate this @trevorlyman

Awesome idea!


Thank you! :)

good idea! upvoted, but i thought people were having issues with posting steemit links to fb? is it working now or still?


Thank you! I really appreciate the help. I'm not sure about Facebook? I was able to put up a link and I just put it up as a comment on this post. But if people are having trouble hopefully they will let me know and we can always move it to Twitter, or just include it. I think next time I'll probably just say any post to any social network for the main prize. But I'm hoping people will reward people for their efforts by upvoting their comments. Maybe if someone pushes it to their page of 100K people they'll make some money for it. It could be a good win all around. I'll keep pushing it! Thanks again for your support!

This post received a 2.4% upvote from @randowhale thanks to @trevorlyman! For more information, click here!

I haz no facebook but I like the rules that you set with only the upvote , plus the post where you should promote SteemIt. Good luck



Here is my example link (I am not eligible to win): https://www.facebook.com/liberty.vlogger/posts/883702291770863