Why Facebook Has Failed

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Unfortunately the inept policies of Facebook continue and prosper in their unique echo chambers. I was banned from posting to groups yet again after limited, vague warnings and 1 post and given no explanation. I actually wonder what purpose lies behind their broken algorithms and worthless responses but, the musings of insanity are incomprehensible to me. While I suffer under this unique brand of corporate stupidity I am forced to take new actions and thus I have begun expanding my presence here on Minds, the future replacement to the bloated corpse of Facebook. To this affront I recommend you do the same and begin looking to greener pastures. I have started creating new groups here on Minds and will continue doing so until I feel satisfied with myself. Who knows how many I'll make? 20? 60? 100? Maybe I'll be what sets a limit but we'll see. Minds bares me no ill will and the territory is ripe for exploration. In time Minds may even dwarf Facebook in its importance to me. Minds has never had a problem with me posting to multiple groups but apparently Facebook cannot stand the thought. Even when people reacted positively in the HUNDREDS, when they commented and shared with friends and the admins even chimed in with their support, Facebook still cracked down on me. They declared me spam for sharing content that everyone enjoyed. I feel as though they are acting in the manner of an overbearing government, micromanaging every decision down to the absolute irrelevant. If a group has an issue with supposed spam that is the admins job. They have the power of moderation. If they want to control posting they can require an approval process. My posts are still approved. Why does Facebook insist on controlling something that should be left to the individual groups? If someone had a problem they could alert Facebook or message me. That was apparently too humane for their sensibilities. Their shallow alert system is poor on the information side and appeals rarely go anywhere. I posted relevant content and people responded favorably. I suppose Facebook has a problem with popularity. On Minds there is no censorship and I can do as I please. If anyone has a problem with me they can say it straight to me. I'm not a micromanaging social media giant, I'll actually respond. Once on Facebook I was requested to take a post down which I happily did. Out of over 1,000 posts. 1. But there is no need for any deep rooted animosity here. It is merely the natural process of a new age where out of touch giants realize that their base has left them behind in the past. Companies which fail to innovate find themselves out maneuvered and eventually replaced. As Facebook's policies continue to fail hard people will leave and it will collapse. On it's grave new sites will prosper and we'll retire this ludicrous mistake to the past until it rises again. I have listed the groups below that I've started and will issue updates in the future for any new ones.


These are the groups I'm creating and not all have content yet but feel free to contribute. I'll also post the titles so you can find what you like:

Roman History

Greek History

Ancient History

Planet Earth (nature)

Inventing Our Future (technology)

Green Earth (environmental)

The Nile (about Egypt)

The Hive (bees)


Under Da Sea (sea life and underwater geography)

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If you are unaware, traditional methods of social media are beginning to stagnate. Your giants, Facebook and Twitter, are all fine for their intended purposes but the visions behind them seem to have fallen behind the direction the rest of us are traveling. They censor and suppress unpopular view and competition while monetizing only themselves. Minds is different. Minds promotes freedom while giving you points to promote yourself. They even have a monetization format to profit off your popularity by sharing content, displaying adds, creating exclusive content and referring customers. If you'd like to sign up for a website that actually cares about you click below and explore what Minds can offer you. Remember, Facebook will make money off you while censoring you and force you to pay for promotion. Minds just wants you to be free. Pick freedom over censorship.


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