The Epic Steemit Fail, Everyone is Powering Down and Selling. Game Over Folks

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Well I think it's official for me to make the statement Steemit is a failed project in every way.

I've been here for many years and have used many systems that have come and gone within Steemit. I've had good times, bad times, made friends and a few enemies. I watched scam artist milk this platform and become the "stars" of Steemit. Joe Parys is a great example. He was a huge name that got huge support but was just a massive scam artist, it was obvious but the platform still supported him. He is even highlighted in a recent YT video as a scam artist for his new scams since leaving Steemit.

Many of these scam artist have moved on to new scams like in this video, ditching Steemit but they all massive support by huge whales within the system when they posted. Then you had real people, who put heart and soul into their work who never got a single vote from anyone with value, watching scam artist get all the support and become "stars" of the platform.

This was Steemit when I enetered. it was suppose to be a place that rewarded "value" in a post but ended up being a fight for scraps on the real content side while the scam artist ran away with all the real value in Steem, cashing it out and moving to a new scam.

Today we see less full blown scam artist but not much evolution in mindset or voting here. In fact the everyday content creator is looked down on by many Steemians who hold value in the system,they are seen as leeches.

Steemit in ways is more centralized than You Tube. I can talk crap about You Tube all day and if it's in a adult manner, I'll still get ads. You Tube won't stop giving me ads because I speak my mind about the platform in a proper manner. Here you can get shut down for just speaking your opinion, since it's not based on overall views and what you bring to the table content wise, the few votes you get that support your content could not like what you say and then you have no support.

I honestly regret the time I stepped away from You Tube and went Steemit full time, it was a stupid move. I should of put ALL that energy into my You Tube channel. Steemit is a circle jerk site that rewards circle jerk content, games over folks.

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