Is the steem blockchain 100% censorship resistant?

in steemit •  2 years ago

It has been asserted that Steem is censorship resistant as it's based on an immutable blockchain - but does that hold water?

Please do have a look at ... there is one big point of centralization there. Steemit, Inc is defining what is the valid blockchain, no other forks allowed, software is not free to reuse on other blockchain projects.

Steemit, Inc is under US jurisdiction, meaning that if the US government says "jump" ... (well, I suppose a court order would be needed) ... then Steemit, Inc has to jump. They do have the power to censor content through a hard fork of the blockchain. Those sticking their guns to "freedom of speech" will not have the juridical right to do a "steem uncensored" hard fork.

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Check getline chat, Also interesting point! has the wool been pulled over our eyes? hmm... "decentralized" is the incentive to come here. Does this mean potential of censorship by the american authorities if they were to get a court order? surely they can not change anything within the blockchain? making it to late even with a court order. Then again they could close the front end down i guess?

I have only been on here for four days and today I am unable to post stories after my last story, what happens is no Title box comes up when I try to post a story, I have tried in two different web browsers and still can't and I don't know who to ask for help, basically I have been gagged since my last story yesterday


Sounds like a technical glitch, probably on the server side if you've tried with different browsers, from different computers and locations and at different times ... not intended censorship ... but bad in any case.

I'm not sure if my point got through ... so I'm trying again, with more teaspoons: