Those posts get enough attention on their own! :)

Really? I could make a very compelling case that important political information being put out here, goes completely unnoticed. Whilst fiction, people's personal trips, and talk about the platform itself gets pushed to the top. I think this planet is in a very dire political situation and that needs to be addressed far more importantly than people's travel photos and their blogs about their feelings. Just saying.

The CEO's name can't be attached to stuff like that... I'm sure you understand. Produce good quality content that you are proud of and benefits others and the rest will take care of itself! :)

@jrcornel He has a valid point, @dantheman makes political posts all the time.
How about giving considering to political posts that are fair, balanced and devoid of bias?
Otherwise this place will keep swimming in wannabe anarchists that don't even understand the word, but have a huge following anyways.

The point is that controversial posts often get lots of attention anyways without our help. We are trying to help the posts and authors that get ignored. The only political post that could be considered is one that shows no bias one way or the other because we can't imply that the CEO of Steemit is leaning one way or the other... If he wants to support those posts personally he still has that option, but we can't do that through our project... Does that make sense?

Yes, I just don't think that promoting posts on here because they fit some sort of PC paradigm is any benefit to society or the platform. I think ALL posts should be considered is all.

The benefit is that it encourages a diversity of content. Look at the trending page of Steemit, everyday 9 out of 10 posts are steemit related or anarchist related. If we are to attract the masses, that has to change... We are taking steps to do that.