Vegan Nachos anyone? 😍

in #steemit • 4 years ago


What's in it?
🌮 Corn Chips
🍅 Tomato
🥑 Guacamole

Topped with fresh
🥕 carrots
🍆 beetroot
🥗 lettuce
🌶️ red capsican

Bon appetit!

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Omg, now I want this. Looks delicious!! I have an insta account for vegan food veganbymindi
Are you vegan too?

Goes well with several ice cold Coronas. 😋🍻

Yum, sounds like my next dinner again :-D

beer next to this meal! it becomes a good duo!

Cheers @Tinadahmen!

Cheers big ears! :-D

You actually make vegan nachos look appetizing, good job !

LOL I wish I made them myself. It's not that hard though come on. Try it out ;-) Are you convinced yet @mr-bike?

I'm sorry but it would have to take more than sime nachos to get me to convert. I have 10 years of cooking experience, plus I would have to find vegan protein powder to supplement my workouts since I take in about 170 grams of protein a day. 😉

OMG 😍 that looks soooo good

I knoooow right

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