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RE: Self Upvoting by the Top 100 Authors on Steem?

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I, personally, give all my votes to others. My vote weight is only $0.05 including delegated power, but I feel that I benefit most when I give back to the community.



Outstanding! I did that for a month and now I am not sure whether it makes sense to do some self upvotes or none!

I am replying maybe to late and Jerry you dont read this but IS THERE SOMEWHERE DEMOGRAPHIC DATA ABOUT STEEMIT USERS? (age, country, sex etc.)

Good question I do not know of one that has this data because it is not available publicly on the blockchain!

"google_analytics_id":"UA-76480270-1" at least we know, that the steemit admins collect and have such data. Maybe we could add as a hidden/visible content our own google_analytics_id to get some data.

Thank you for mentioning this because I just checked if they had Google analytics the other day and I did not see it! Did they just add this?

you are welcome :) I found it right now in the source code and I did not look after this previously

I think they've been doing it for a long time.

That is very unethical

it is not unethical to get the public google analytics code from the source code you already loaded in your browser and so is not unethical to get demographic data about the visitors of your content. Steemit is like wordpress. Installing your google analytics code is legal. It doesn't matter if its visible or hidden. Anyway, thank you for sharing your point of view. Now you have my point of view too. there we go, arcange (67)
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I appreciate not voting for yourself. I think a vote should be something you give to someone else. You are right though that many would just bypass and use vote-for-vote community if we were to ban self-voting. I still think it is best to just not do it, but let's see if I can still resist the temptation when my vote is at $3 and not just $0.03

Me too. My voting power is so small. I usually keen to give them to the community.

I'm often sad I can't vote more than I do if I want to vote full power.

With the recent in flow of new users though it's been strangely easier to stick to around 11 votes a day.

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