A piece of history ...

in steemit •  10 months ago

And an exceptional addition to my meager "stack"


I don't have a lot of silver, but I have a lot of faith in Steemit, so given the opportunity to own a limited edition piece of Steem in the form of this community created coin is a great thing for me!


When the coin came out, I couldn't afford the purchase price so I was disappointed to miss out on the original sale. Fortunately I kept building my presence in the Steemit community and didn't cash out my coins so I was able to purchase this beautiful coin for 7.5SBD.


I know, why would I pay nearly $95 for a silver coin???

Well, at the time I earned it, 7.5 SBD was only about $8. The way I see it I got a discount! I don't plan to sell my SBD or Steem holdings soon, so my investment will keep growing.

As always, I Steem for my kids...

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Hey man. Glad your coin arrived safe and sound. It’s definitely a beautiful coin. Happy New Year to you!


Thank you for the amazing opportunity :) Got it right before Christmas.