The Snake that was saved by 'Waterboarding'

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After checking on a long term time lapse camera, I went down to lend a hand wrangling a 4' long snake who was in the bushes at a local hotel (hence the need to remove him as he'd startled a few guests and part of the maintenance crew).

There was a guy from a local pest control outfit there who had been working on the situation for some time. The snake was thought to be some sort of Bull snake who had taken refuge under some ground-hugging juniper bushes. He had actually gone under the landscaping fabric and rocks making him nearly impossible to track down. Eric, the lead maintenance guy and the other pest control guy had pinned the snakes head with their tools, but there was nothing to grab onto so they let him retreat back below the safety of the fabric and rocks.

Seeing as the snake was likely to get impaled, I came up with a way to 'waterboard' him a bit and coax him to come out. I grabbed a 7' long metal bar out of my van to lift up the shrubbery (my way of keeping a few extra feet away and there needed to be some room to maneuver) while Eric began flooding the area behind the bush. After a minute or two the water started pooling (thanks to the packed clay soil)... we saw rocks and debris begin to move as the snake squirmed about looking for an air pocket. He calmly poked his head out again and took in some air. He saw the pest control guy coming for him and retreated. Another minute or so, he emerged again and I recommended using my channel locks (pliers) so he'd be able to get a firm grip with his hand as handling a wet slippery snake can't be easy.

I think the water served two purposes. Not only did it force him to seek air, but it also made him a lot calmer and cold which helps slow him down as well. Yep, tap water here in Colorado is brisk.

So, the snake likely has a bit of a neck-ache, but better than being killed on the spot. It's easy to judge someone, but have you had to hold a snake by the head? You'd have a firm grip to... just like Steemit for those that have been around for a while - the solution may not always seem 'perfect', but in the end - it's working out quite well for most.


We took him back over to the prairie dog sanctuary where he belongs. Slithered away just fine.

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I'm glad the snake was ok! Quick thinking with the cold water.


Indeed - hope you enjoy Steemit!

So Good to see you back @timelapse , I miss seeing your photograpy. Have you taken a look at any of mine since you have been back. I feel like I am doing better then when I started.


@HALO - sorry I missed your response! I was super pleased to see all the progress you've made - most certainly you've come a long way. The great part is that there really is no limit to where this skill may lead you! Hugs! Today, I'll be visiting the site where this snake was found and update if there are any new reports.