#3 Tips To Get Your First 100 Followers On Steemit: Invest Time in Headlines

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This is no secret, you will find this same tip in several blogs talking about content creation. You write a wonderful and really relevant text, but if users do not open your post, it's no use. One of the main ways to achieve this is by writing a flashy headline. In a next post I explain how to do this.

There is a well-known and easy-to-decorate rule, called:

4 U’s Of Headline


This is a technique widely used in TV calls. The urgency creates pressure and is what drives readers to immediately click on your content. Usually you get a headline like this using terms like: Finally, fast, see what happen.., don't waste time doing..., before your next ... etc.


This is the time to surprise the reader. If your headline is very common and there are several similarities in google, there is nothing surprising or unique. You can look for new ways of saying the same thing.


At this point it is good that you know a little about who your readers are. Here in steemit this will vary a lot as it is a new social network and with niches still in formation. Offer the reader something that benefits you, solves problems, and conveys value.

4⃣ Ultra-specific

This is one of the most common techniques used in headlines. Common yet extremely effective. An Ultra-especific headline is rich in detail. The reader already knows exactly what he will find in that post. A quick example: 5 common minnows errors in steemit. They are not only errors, they are common mistakes, there is a quick specification of the content.

Combining these elements may seem a little tricky at first, but with practice you become a habit and you will write much more eye-catching headlines and gain followers.

Here are the other tips I wrote:
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in my time in steemit i have experienced two methods to earn money on your posts
1, to get upvotes from whale(which is on pure luck)
2, or get big number of followers on your blog so that more people can read your post(this method is achievable )


I confess that I am focusing on the second method

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A very good n useful post!


Thanks bro =D

That's spot on there. Still got a lot to learn but also a lot to give back to steemit.