Raising money for Grenfell Tower Residents in London

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One of the benefits that Steemit has over traditional social media is that your posts can earn you money directly via Steem Dollars (which can be easily converted to Bitcoin, and then if you want, cash).


If you are from UK you will have seen that there was a devastating fire in West London this morning in which at least 12 people died.

All SBD from this post will be converted to Bitcoin and sent as a donation from Steemit to the Evening Standard Just Giving Dispossessed Fund.

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This is very sad when I saw the news. Still can't imagine how this can happen nowadays. What happen did happen. I can only wish the unfortunate people got killed all R.I.P.
@thisisbenbrick, good idea to support those got hurt (physically and mentally) in this fire.
Hope that we will get update from you the progress of this initiative. Big thanks to you.


If you can help with information on how to get refund or recovering my steem from coinbase. I will be able to donate some steem.
Please contact me if you are able to help. Kurtnash@gmail.com

I can not believe that happened. We need to do something! the steemit community can combine resources and do anything!! just got a new follower and an upvote.....I also produce music on Abelton.

It is said that to see those people suffered in the fire. And I think people have to learn from mistakes after taking so much cost on it. Hope that the regulations can be more comprehensive and also the government has a good plan for the aftermath. God bless them. RIP....


Its a shame they couldn't just free up part of the greenbelt and build containerised social housing. Container city would stop shit like this happening.


I think this is a good idea. But he main point is that there should be a strict regulation about the fireproof ability in building, especially on the old one. There are many old buildings in London and the government have to supervise throughly for preventing those tragedies happen...


Unfortunately I am one of those insane libertarians who believe that regulation is a problem in the overall, it causes way too many deaths (and costs for society in terms of public jobs that everyone else/their kids need to pay for). The poor fireproofing of old buildings is just terrible though, and of course I feel for the people who have lost loved ones.

That's great to donate money to those who are in need, but you said "All SBD from this post", how about the Steem Power? Will it also be powered down and donated to the residents?


SP will be transferred as Steem instantly without waiting for the power down

This is why Steemit is amazing. Good on you, Ben. Praying for those affected.


I'm new here like 2 days now. And i've seen some beautifull things happening here on Steem, like the guy who needed money to fund his operation. I don't think we can fund this whole tower but we can definitly help a bit!


Im new as well todays my first day. Its amazing to see good things are happening through steemit. Feels like an honor to be apart of it, I hope we can bring positive and creative content to this. :)

I wish my upvote was worth more! Thanks for doing this, it will mean a lot to the people who lost everything last night!


all up , votes are worth it

What a great way to raise some funds for those in need. Right on brother, this is the stuff we want to happen on Steem, none of this backbiting crap!!

Hey, @thisisbenbrick Nice to see others trying to raise money for the victims. I was there, and my brother was actually in the building. Check out my story, I think you'll find it interesting.


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Very good initiative:)

Great idea. What will you do with the SP this post generate? Will you then donate the same amount of STEEM as SP as this post generate, or will you keep the SP yourself? Just curious, as the post don't mention.


Hey @arsenal49 the SP will take 13 weeks to power down and these peoples needs are pretty imminent which is why I plan to donate the SBD sooner rather than later. As well as this, SBD is worth about 2 USD currently so we're already giving twice the liquid value it says on the post, and more importantly the author reward payouts massively favour SBD over Steem Power.

I know that it's hard to tell whether people are genuine on the internet so here's an example where I have given to charity previously using Steemit.

To be honest, the SP from this post will probably be used to help me develop Steem Songs which I'm working on more next week.


You've certainly combined charity and Steemit promotion very well in the past. I remember the tiger charity post and then the shout out from Ricky Gervais for Steemit.

Keep at it man, big supporter.

Good luck with steemsongs, any updates coming?


Makes sense. Already 550 worth of SBD will be donated. Great job!

I sent some steem and sbd, please ensure it is added to the tower support fund.


You are incredibly generous. Thank you so much. This will be added and make a huge difference.

Thank you so much for your act of kindness, it is honestly sickening how many threatning events have ooccurred in london in such a short time !

I live in London and hope everyone is safe !


Thank you very much for helping and showing us
how Steemit can be used in a constructive and innovative way.

Its unbelievable what has happened. So sad!!!

Lets get these poor people living in these disgraceful buidings into funky ass homes like this.

I'm relatively new to Steemit so I'm still in the learning process. When I happened to come by this article, I was so touched by the kindness this community has shown, that it really touched my heart. What happened to the Grenfell Tower Residents in London was heartbreaking. It is so sad that these poor people had to live in such horrible conditions and then suffer this horrific tragedy. The gap between the very, very rich and the poor and average families is so wide and so unfair. It just amazes me by the greed that a very wealthy individual is so great that there is complete disregard for humanity and love for all living things. My vote is small, but I am more than willing to vote for such a worthy and caring cause. Thank-you for doing this so we can all help in our small way!

Awesome post Ben! This is a great way to use steemit and I am praying for the families that lost loved ones.

Good job , we need more people like you in the world

Really great that the steemit community can do a little bit to help. I live just 50 miles away from this terrible tragedy and can't imagine how terrified the residents must have been. Thanks @thisisbenbrick for organising this - I really hope this post does well.

Great cause @thisisbenbrick, it's horrible loosing everything you own, hopefully we can collectively make a difference to at least a few of the lives touched by this tragedy.

Sad times.. The world is going crazy!

This is amazing - thanks for helping and also demonstrating the benefits that this platform can bring.

It was crazy watching it on the new, very sad indeed. Wishing everyone the best.

You know, i'm relatively new to this site but one thing I really find not only interesting but heart warming is that there's so many good posts that are actually helping good causes out of the good everyones heart. Godbless.

brilliant idea, im in

Wow brilliant brilliant this is an awesome thing to do! I will happily donate!

Great idea and good luck raising money with your post. I hope it goes viral on here.

My sympathies. Really sad...

Praying for the victims. Good initiative, Ben.

Good thing to do. Thanks for doing that. Thanks to steemit that allow us to help.

This post need to be re-steem

Temos que agradecer ... pois temos a oportunidade de estarmos vivos ... e orarmos pelos familiares das pessoas do acidente..

well if there is some way I can help from south america this is the way now.... come on guys we all could be in need some day as well.

My heart aches for those families and friends and the entire Londoners for this very tragic event. Am already praying for UK...having endured thru two terror attacks, now this!
Upvoted already and following...if there is another way we can help..always count on my support...can follow me @kenhudoy

This is really cool! One of the coolest parts about Steem is that everyone's financial actions are public. That makes things like this not only trustworthy but actually helpful to people. Nice work.

Wow, awesome stuff you're doing man. Way to spread your influence in all the right ways!! And grow it at the same time! I don't watch the news and hadn't heard about this fire. But my condolences to the families and everyone involved!

It's so crazy upvoted & reSteemed. What a horrible thing to happen.

A lot of the places have taken in so much stuff and donations. Was really nice that the local community put their hands in their pockets and pulled out love, which is more than the Tory government ever did in the last 7 years in power. This is what cuts gets you and dealing with cheap builders who are only out competing each other. Putting flammable cladding on the building to make it look nicer to rich guys living opposite, but skimping and ignoring simple fire precautions by the residents in EVERY meeting will give you this result. Blood on hands

God bless London. Voted and resteemed. It's sad there has been too many accidents and attacks in London recently... hope the bad luck will be away from the city soon :fingercrossed:

Would have upvoted if you had said the steem earned will be powered down and sold for the cause. You are basically using this tragedy to keep 50% of the reward.

Will change my flag to an upvote should you decide to make the change.


I doubt he thought that bit through. I'm sure he'll set it right.


Hey @transisto Sure thing. Whatever SP is rewarded on this post I'll donate as Steem too. Onwards and upwards! BTW Sp is not weighted 50% on author rewards. Cheers!

Thank you information may be useful for us all

Support for the good cause.

I live very close, thanks for this @thisisbenbrick

@thisisbenbrick great idea. This is why I love this community

This is a great idea. At least we could actually do something to those suffering instead of just giving a like.

Hmm, won't the government and insurance companies pay for it?

Great idea. Cool to see that the community is used for something like this!

Yes i am agree with you that steemit is a best platform for sharing

Very nice gesture on the part of steemit

Im new here dont have much to offer but i will spread the news about this.And i will spend whatever little power i have to help these in dire need.

so sad to hear..i hope you all are fine...

It's good to see people using this platform for something positive .

Thank you,

A devastating day, one I will never forget!

god bless them, what a horrible thing to live through ,

Everyone please resteem ... also as usual please show receipts when its all donated

I'm glad this is here. What happened is pretty mind boggling and hard to imagine what they're going through.

You have my upvote

Great initiative and hope enough money will go to the baby that stayed behind...

God be with them all

This story has been on my mind a lot recently. A particular story I heard about a son who was speaking with his dad on the phone who at the time was stuck on the 23rd floor. His dad told his son "the door won't open the smoke is so strong it's pushing the door shut and the floor is too hot to stand on" that was the last he heard from him. This statement has haunted me. I feel so sorry for everyone affected by this. I'll be donating as much money as possible to this cause.

This is an amazing post and will truly benefit them all. Many of those residents lost more than possessions but hopefully we can do our bit to support them!

God Bless them all.

This is awesome. And I don't resteem that many posts. But this I will have to. ❤❤

Good on you mate :)

Follow @ifzgotdatpiff

of course i want to add value and am upvoting and following you now too

There is always a lot of OTT media attention given to events like theses, 12 people died in a fire so what. 10,000 people in the UK die from taking pills legally prescribed by their doctors A YEAR and over 100,000 A YEAR in the USA. If the same attention was given to theses events then we could save a lot more than 12 lives.

I hear the block was a council block which was renovated just 4 years ago, It's ok to burn council tenants as they have no chance of fighting back. Most likely they will not be allowed to return to the renovated building and will be shipped out of London. Those apartments in private hands are worth a few billion and bring in much higher council tax.

That is an awesome idea! Already voted and resteemed. Can I ask you a small favor? Would you do the same (upvoting, resteeming and one more thing.. sign a petition) for a little boy? Thank you in advance! https://steemit.com/life/@koalafamily/help-maurice.

Let's steem this!!

Hi , I noticed you received a refund from coinbase . I accidentally sent them steem and a looking for help to request a refund also. Is the acct from the same wallet coinbase? Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks


I didn't receive a refund from coinbase. I sent to an incorrect account on Steemit to @coinbase (it doesn't exist) Steemit INC luckily controlled this account.

thank you for posting ~

You are truly amazing!

as i am still pretty new here i cant offer much but i am upvoting and sending my max.

It is so wonderful we can use steemit for helping!, thanks for your initiative! vote and resteemed!

Great job my dear friend.. upvoted & resteemed :))

this is a great idea....lets go steemit, change the world we live in and make it a better place...like MJ said heal the world make it a better place

So sad seem happened here last week in South Africa I dont have anything to give but you got my vote and respect thank you

A guy doing a live bbc news interview suggested that this was intentional social cleansing , really interesting theory considering all the previous although clearly useless work that has gone into these apartments.

Link to interview on [youtube](

My condolences to all the victim's families

Only a penny but you got my vote