Would you support me to make a healthy steemit community in my City?

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Since rich are getting richer and poor are getting poorer! I want to build a healthy steemit community for all!

Weekly meets of steemit users in Zonal Park Agra [Our steemit park]

This is the location where we will be having meetups for discussions of ideas and plans, activities that can be done for the betterment of "steem" currencies value. Discussions on how to make the steemit.com an opportunity or minnows.

Weekly accounting of each user of steemit community from my city.

So that he/she can see how much they earned, how much they invested and how much should they contribute for the events to build a steem empire around the globe.

I like the Idea of Steem Park by someone with this post!


My aim is not to become a whale or octopus on steemit.

But I would love to help poors or self employed people who are struggling to achieve their dreams. Like me!
I can understand how and what they feel. So I would like to address this problem as my problem.

Already tried a steem accelerator event in Agra.

Need to make 100's of these events! I am taking it as a great initiative to address the problem that poors, minnows, self employed, freelancers are facing in general.

Follow this guy he resteem excellent posts!

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beautiful idea, and best of luck to you!

Good job man..Iam from delhi..but right now living in bareilly..this concept of blockchain is unknown to a major majority here
your ideas might be helpful..

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Yes love the idea, I live in DC. How do I get started?