Binance has added Steemit to their Social Media Portfolio

in steemit •  9 months ago

I've just noticed that has added the Steemit logo in their footer - next to other household-names like Instagram, Facebook, Medium and Reddit

And I'm pretty sure that this is a big deal - no-one talks about .

You might ask now ..

Why? What's the big deal?

Well .. is the 3rd biggest exchange in the cryptosphere. (was rank 1 for quite some time as well)

And that binance decided for Steemit to be important enough to have it in their footer - next to only 6 (!) other Social Media Apps - is huge.

I'm excited to see what's in store for Steemit for the rest of 2018 - but until now; everything looks really good!

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Good news for sure


I've seen it there like a month ago already. But yeah, it is extremely helpful for promotion.

You got a 100 vote! From Luke Steemwalker @investing. Resteemed. Great stuff man, I see that you are a blockchain developer. I should check out your work, I want to build some Steem based apps! Check me out and follow


No doubt @therealwolf have a great stuff i also follow you and @investing Your work is appereciateable I already follow you I wish you all the best

Well, it is a big deal but it's not quite true that no one talks about.
Binance added STEEM on its exchange on February 1, 2018, and there were many posts about it including mine which was published few days later after it happens, and it was quite in depth.
So, for some reason, the event apparently skipped from your attention at the time when it happened, but that doesn't mean it passes unnoticed by the whole Steemit community.


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Thats good news, steemit needs all the good news it can get right now. Tripple bottom bounce ...maybe...hopefully....prob not but Im in for the long haul :)

That’s cool. The more big sites, exchanges, influencers and businesses that utilize Steemit as a blog and promote it a part of their social media platforms will ultimately help Steemit survive and thrive over the mid to long term. Thanks for the update!

This is really HUGE news and should be everywhere :-)


It just shows that the site and community is growing each and everyday which is a plus for everyone involved.

Off now to check some other exchanges.

Take care

Yup, bullish. They added steem as a social media platform they post to right before listing it

this is really cool. It kind of implies a cobrand to people looking where to buy and trade Steem. I'm hoping the SBD is easy to trade there soon. I love binance but I know it was shaky a few weeks back. I like how the give referral commission even though it is a bit of a red flag to some.


It's a great one for steemit.. Good news man


Hahaha, the referral has really helped some people tho, steem getting on Binance is a major boost . I cant wait for the bull


I really hope they add SBD there as well.

Great. Could meen a great time for steemit. I hope so and it deserve it.

I dont mind the whales too much. It's like that with everything. People with alot of money suceed more easy. But how did they get the money. HarHard work. So please look at the whales for motivation. Dont envious them. They have earned it the hard way. And they have put a great effort and alot of money into steemit so it could become what it is today. Everybody hårolje same chance if they are dedicated enough. And the pretty sure did not make all their money on steemit.

Stay positive and do your thing!

Thanks for sharing btw. Made me happy before going to bed.

Binance has been racking up more trust and credibility lately. That's just more bringing in more positive for Steemit. :)

Its going to be huuugee. Just the start mate :)


Also bud i did make a transfer to @smartsteem the past week but with a wrong(non steemit) memo. Is there something we could do about it?


Sure thing - refunded you :)


refunding him was just a very nice and honest thing to do. Kudos bro


Cheers mate appreciate it. Reinvesting back @smartsteem again and heres is something that may interest you haha . check it out mate

Great news. Another prove for our strength of number. What is their account name btw?


You can find it on their side - but: @binanceexchange

I just used Binance to power up my new Steemit account. It worked well and it was fast. I was able to use a Steem to Steem Power transfer which was nice!


How ? Sry im pretty new to steemit

Great news mate. Thanks for sharing. Steem is growing fast!

Hi @therealwolf
I send 30 SBD 2 hours ago and still no upvote received
can you check it please
from @azadhaso

great news ive been on binance for some time now and love altcoins and the way the future is moving. great post i look forward to hearing more from you. keep the good news coming

steem price rise incoming?

Anything that draws attention to the project is great

This is true, with out doubt, very good news. Branding is everything and with that many people using binance, this will help.

100% Upvoted


True that!

Bagus artinya ini semakin berkembang.

Wow.... Happy to hear that . Well done

Bagus, artinya ini semakin berkembang.

Nice post 👍🏼

Saya rasa ini adalah berita besar.

This is news that makes many happy, and a triumph for this way of life

I just got approved on Binance. It takes a while.

I'm watching the prices as Bitcoin looks like it might drop again. I'll buy it then so I can get my money's worth.

This is an incredibly big step forward for Steemit, keep it growing!
Thanks for your post, it's very interesting reflection from yours.

is really HUGE news and should be everywhere :-)


It just shows that the site and community is growing each and everyday which is a plus for everyone involved.

Off now to check some other exchanges.


uno de los buenos consejos que recuerdo de mi madre es que todo árbol bueno produce fruto excelente, pero un árbol podrido produce fruto inservible. esta noticia demuestra una vez mas que steemit es una gran plataforma, que cada día da mejores frutos gracias al magnifico trabajo que realiza cada uno de sus integrantes. felicidades disfrute mucho de esta publicación. nos espera días mejores.

I am very optimistic about the steem platforms because there are social networking functions attached to the platforms. And i also think the more people that et on this platform the best for steem.

@saywha when u put steem on binance then binance finally gets it lmao

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It's about time we got some good news. The Price of Steem has been taking a plunge and this is definitely one of the things that'll give Steem and SBD a boost. This is just the beginning of our journey to the moon☺


thats always a good thing , vote.jpeg
however ...
because of the nature and the backing of the steem token i wouldnt expect it reach wuthering heights like BTC, the reason it stays and probably will stay (relatively) low (relative to the user base and the division in the userbase between people who buy and people who don't) is that unlike the big coins it is closer to a source of direct income, hence if people sell off on a monthly basis (the so-called whales) supply will outweigh demand all the time which tends to push prices down gradually ...

if you had a sudden surge of 100.000 real accounts (meaning not bots or doubles) of people who actually buy it to get power then you would see an upward spike and probably one or two months later going down as they cash in. That makes it closer to a currency than btc ever has been and that's (imnsho) why it's unlikely to reach $15+k dollar value ever (ofcourse if steemit gets a userbase the size of facebook that might be the other way around ... but thats gonna depend on lots of factors, including the maximum number of steemit tokens that can be mined)

originally BTC had the power to equal or surpass the total number of dollar in the world (i think i did the math once, IF the last satoshi came down to $2000 or more which is a long way from even its highest peak but it could be done)
that was before crypto-capo's skewed the original idea of sathoshi by forking and splicing and ofcourse the fact that theres about 1 new cryptocoin for every bum on the planet with a modicum of coding skill now.
I dont think most people know exactly how long BTC has been around before it passed the $10, let alone the $100 and then the $1000 mark and despite that it's still babysteps in cryptoland :)

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...disclaimer, disclaimer, something on stalking whales and stuff, since my pathological apathy struck and i got these pills i dont seem to care much, maybe it'l get better(working on a short version)

Steemit is Unstoppable bro , nice news bro 💕 @therealwolf


We are ready for the bullish run!! Lol, this is a major shift for steem, so exicited.

That the type of new I like to hear about my Steemit, Good new.

I bumped into STEMM when I started learning about cryptos, and ai believe this is the type of project that will grow within the blockchain frenzy. Content creators want and need to be rewarded, Im happy to hear this news about Binance, definitely proves my intuition right!!! Can’t wait to see were this takes us... Exciting!!!

This is GREAT news! So VERY well deserved for the GREAT STEEMIT COMMUNITY! More and more individuals are realizing the true power and potential of the GREAT STEEMIT COMMUNITY AND STEEM! I'm encouraging my Family, Friends and Clients to join the GREAT STEEMIT COMMUNITY! It is going to be a PHENOMENAL year for STEEMIT and STEEM! All the VERY best my Friends! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

Great news. I was expecting that!!

This is absolutely fantastic news for Steem! As we grow, it’s going to take more exchanges and fiat pairings to increase our price and become better known.

I definitely agree - this has to be something big! I only trade on Binance currently so I am really excited to what this might hold for the future, which seems a bright one indeed :)

Thank for the info, and eagle-eye spotting there!

really your post well


This is just a good pointer of assurrance that steemit is going places and i am very happy you and I are already part of this promising platform;congratulations and i will just implore us to tell our friends about steemit,let them know they are about missing out..we shall all meet at the top.ENJOY

Woww It's will crayz !

awesome this is very promising, can't wait to see what the future brings

Thanks for the info and insight. Someone else posted about STEEM being listed on BNB and I was like they have had the coin for sale for awhile better detailed the news, bravo!!

Binance is definitely ahead of the rest.

When your pos on Sbd sir ?

Old news...binnance did that a month ago.
but it's STILL yuge.

Binance & Steemit - two of the most impressive platforms in the crypto space. Quite the union it would be.

The CEO of Binance has blogged here on Steemit before He was huge celeb. A couple months back, he mentioned about writing an article here at Steemit in one of his conferences. I haven't been able to identify his username.

I am so excited about this...

Great news, win-win for both!

thanks for the information..... (y)

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Do you think Steemit might be bought in the future by Facebook or Google (to finally have a successful social media platform ) ?
What would be the bid and would you think Ned would sell ?

What to do if any bot cheat. I am cheated by @thebot .

It's not a big amount but the main thing is - cheating


This is a great achievement for steemit communitya

we wait steem to the moon? 1111.jpg

I love it!

This is looking gooooood! Can't wait for steemit to get the recognition it deserves.

Binance is by far the best exchange!!

yeah saw it earlier..was happy tho

This is great news. Thanks for news☺

buena nuevas

this crytptocurrency have a great potentia! To the moon!

Amazing news, thanks for pointing this annexation out!

Awesome report. I make a habit of looking at every platform I get on thewolf. I emailed a few and aski-upvoted-this.jpg them to add steemit on the share or post. So far not gotten many answers but I hope to see it more and more as we go along. Great post bro..

That is encouraging news. I really like the Larry David pic.

that is really encouraging, hope that #binance interact with the community on steemit.

Fuck yeah! That's awesome

That is a nice info. Thanks for all the highlights. I have just given my vote of witness to you as my little acknowledgement of your good work on the platform. It takes a lot of energy to run smartsteem and smartmarket. You are also very active in the discord to answer questions and provide support! Really appreciate your commitment to the platform. Hope to see more great work from you!

Perhaps 2018 is a judgement day for, if war between user continued steemit will bring negative impact to the masses. On the other hand, it will be joined the big boys if the masses adopt it. Unfotunately, more and more user choose to be inactive as everyday. Even the signup and new user have decreased. Why? Are they afraid of current war, or they have learn bad experience from there friend who choose to be inactive or etc... reason are endless. I don't know.

That is a win for Steemit!! I do hope Steemit starts to gain mainstream attention!

I think platforms like DTube and Steemit are gonna demolish Facebook, YouTube, Reddit & the like. It's only a matter of time and exposure and Binance knows the former is true and are helping out with the latter. @therealwolf

Let see if this move can help boost the Steem price.

Thanks for the information.
Keep steeming.

Someday, if Steemit continues to innovate, the steemit icon will be everywhere.

Binance is really great . I like how they „stopped“ the phishing attack or still bringing the ios app .

I am from Indonesia.

I really need input from you, because I am a beginner.

visit my blog and rate how my blog is progressing.

Kinda late on this topic. I personally use binance and I am glad they support steemit!

Steemit is future so not surprised ;)

interesting news. thx

That's the best news I've got all week!! @therealwolf thanks for sharing this because I am thrilled! I just got my binance account a few days ago and had no idea this was in the works. BTW nice job with @smartsteem and @smartmarket

If you have a chance, please pop over to my profile and look at my last post with my wife's picture. I would really appreciate it! Thanks again, followed, upvoted, and resteemed.

Wow. This is really cool. The world must be Steemified. The best is yet to come.

You have blacklisted me from Smartsteem and later informed that you do not support 2 sentence posts. How do I know that you do not support 2 sentence posts before blacklisting? You should give a warning. Blacklisting should be done only when somebody neglect your warning and do it again. Before blacklisting, I did not know, otherwise I would have used only log posts. (So, you are assessing the quality of posts from the length of post. Actually, shorter posts have more quality because it conveys the full idea without wasting the time of readers. Anyway, I am not questioning your policy.) In addition, when you blacklist someone first time, it should be for a small time period. If he violates your rule again, then only you should put a permanent ban. This is my opinion. I feel that everybody will be having this opinion.

This is good news, this shows us how far steemit has come