I noticed something awesome in #introduceyourself and I was very happy

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Something I noticed about Steemit is a lot of niches are not popular. Not because people don't care about them, but just that they don't get the votes, exposure, and validation.

I love video and board gaming, but my posts sharing my Let's plays with my son, or my live streams never do well. I'm not popular with the ones who do this very successfully. I also find my content on productivity and automation are not very popular.

Another good example is 3D Printing, I know for sure a lot of people are interested in it as it is one of my more popular posts in terms of comments and discussion, but they don't do as well as my tutorials, steemit posts, and crypto related talk.

There are very few 3D printers people on Steemit and one of the ones I followed resteemed @tysonjames's introduction post. I was extremely excited to see it, and not for the reasons you think.

While I love good stop motion, that's not what I was happy about. I was happy to see something different, something mainstream, something that isn't on the small list of popular topics here. I hit the post as hard as I could with my small 100% vote because I was so happy to see it.

Tyson James is a professional stop-motion animator, illustrator, and filmmaker. He works on a kids show "Tumble Leaf" for Amazon.

This is good for Steemit, this is good for Steem, this is good for all of us.

Seeing popular YouTube personalities like @marketingmonk, @davidpakman, @tedcarr, and @brianturner come to Steemit is huge. Having an echo chamber for the same Steemit, Crypto, and Decentralized discussions are not good for the growth and future of Steem as a platform or a currency.

Steemit needs to break out of its shell and expand to other areas than the normally approved topics. In fact, it needs to encourage and reward it. Just check out trending and you will see the same topics and same people on a daily basis.

It should be obvious, but all images used in this post are the property of @tysonjames.

Check him out and encourage others to come over to Steemit. We need more of something different.


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Hey thanks so much for the write up! I'm honored and I really appreciate it. I've definitely noticed that a large portion of the site is crypto based, so I thought I could bring something different to the community. I think your article gave a great summary of me and shared many of my own sentiments for steemit and growing the community. Thanks again, and I'm looking forward to more of your articles.


We definitely need people who create content about things other than crypto and the community itself (I am not murican but I believe that is called "inside baseball" ;) ) - welcome aboard! :D

yes you are right at least 80% is steemit and crpyto based talk!

It needs to be clear steemit isn’t only for crypto talk.

I discovered steemit around May last year, but didn’t join because I thought it was all about crypto talk and I was just learning.

Later on, I realize you can share any type of content in steemit, so I decided to join and start this journey!

I'm pretty new to steem but most posts that I see are about food, travel (which usually includes food), then there's spam (which happens to also be a food) 😂

You're very creative. I think even if people on here don't themselves engage in your passtimes, we'll appreciate what you share about them - your models are very original; I'd love to see more.

I think your point is very good. We have to expand the possibilities of topics and not limit the creative. Greetings

Thank you, someone had to say it. I've refrained from materializing a lot of my ideas on here because I've noticed how narrow the demographic is. As a minnow, my posts are drowned in a sea of promoted content, which has discouraged me from really putting myself out there. That just means I have to dig deeper to find kindred fellows, so I don't feel like I'm talking to a wall. I will be following you henceforth as I believe it will help to catalyze the type of experience I'm trying to have on steemit.

Recommendation steemit to people is every user responsibility but we should explain to them very well how steemit works. Thanks for sharing. You check my how to recommend steemit for new users here https://steemit.com/blog/@jacksonoskele/what-do-referers-tell-new-steemit-users-let-newbies-joining-steemit-know-the-truth-before-they-sing-up-not-sign-up-and-thinks

Thank you for sharing, I'm also a newbie and true we don't get votes. @themarkymark.

I think the rise of the some of the less popular topics will come with time as a lot more people start using Steemit. At least I hope...

i could not agree more, we need more diversity. thank you for highlighting it, 100% upvoted.

I've began seeing a lot of different people pop out recently... the mainstream is coming.

We only need 1 exchange listing to experience another boom in growth... I think it is all it takes, Steemit isn't better known because STEEM is fairly dark still.

I'm sorry I did not see this show, but now thanks to your post I'll take a look at it. By the way it in youtube is?

Very cool what a professional looking setting I cant imagine how much went into putting everything together that's a lot of work very cool, we definitely need more people like this, thanks for sharing.

What an awesome job you have! Loved your photos as well.

Good for us all.

Tyson James is a professional stop-motion animator, illustrator, and filmmaker. He works on a kids show "Tumble Leaf" for Amazon.

Wow! Great and talented people are joining steemit daily.
To me, this means we will be thrilled with exciting, new and good contents.

It's good to know that he's now on steemit. I'll now how the opportunity to learn from him how stop motion are made and his new works or productions.

Thanks for sharing this important information.

Happy Steeming


I once watched a documentary that showed how the movie Raiders of the lost ark was made. I think the desert part was made with this type of method.


Cool post man :D!! Respect from a visual development artist!

I totally agree, I see what you're talking about, at the beginning (and I'm only here since last month), I felt the same as you, but I learnt that you have to put in a lot of effort to grow up and make yourself known inside this world, this may be a libertarian place (that's the main reason why I came in), enabling you more freedom of speech than all those mainstream-media things like facebook etc., but it's really complicated managing to get the attention when there are still people more "powerful" than you on here (with more steempower or more promotion). I prefer focusing on sharing whatever passion I have, as music creation, crypto, sports, humor, and hopefully everyone will find its interest in my posts ! I see it more like a place to share passions, once in a while I post about my soundcloud profile, once about sports, once cryptos, but as you say, if it was all about cryptos, this would be such a boring place...keep it up !

Very true Mark!
I was also very pleased to see another person in the creative field on Steemit!

Hear, hear!
I totally agree with you and had the same feeling when I discovered his post. People like Tyson, entering this platform, make me feel even more like sticking around and focusing on the stuff that I really want to focus on, even though it seems like I mainly need to feed on nice comments these days.

Nice write up and have a great day,


yes u are right This is good for Steemit, & this is good for all of us.
thanks for sharing informative post .

I agree!

well said! :)

I'd love to see the League of Legends community grow on here. Maybe with the next hard fork we'll see more growth in these smaller communities.

I'd love to see more reviews on board games and lets plays on here to learn new board games.

Glad to read this! I totally agree that Steemit needs to expand beyond content focusing on Cryptos!

@themarkymark I also use 3d printers in my projects, custom made toys and one of the kind objects. I hope you will be interested in reading some of them. They are not as cool as the ones produced by tysonjames but I hope worth checking ;)