How to change your recovery account

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Can you change your recovery account?


Is it easy?


So how do I do it?

  • Install CLI Wallet
  • Connect to CLI Wallet
  • Set Wallet Password
  • Unlock Wallet
  • Get private owner key
  • Import Key
  • Issue change_recovery_account command
  • Wait for 30 days

Step By Step Instructions

You will need to use Linux for these instructions, there are no up to date binaries for Windows and I did not want to go through the pain of making one (if it is even possible still).

Unless you are a witness and already have cli_wallet installed I would recommend just pulling the docker image. You should be able to do this with Windows docker as well but Docker is pretty wonky on Windows.

Install CLI Wallet

You have to have Steem cli_wallet installed. The easiest way to install cli_wallet is to use the Docker image provided by Steemit Inc.

docker pull steemit/steem

If you don't know how to use docker or don't want to, you can build from source. You can find instructions on how to do that here.

Connect to CLI Wallet

To connect to the CLI Wallet you will need a node that supports web sockets as does not and has been retired.

You can do this easily with the following command:

./cli_wallet -s wss://

Set Wallet Password

If you have not set up a password already for your local encrypted wallet, you will need to issue this command prior to going further. If you have a witness node you likely already have cli_wallet already setup.

To create a password for your local encrypted wallet you will need to issue set_password command and enter a password twice.

You can later delete the wallet.json file if you want to remove all traces of the wallet from your machine. The keys stored in it are encrypted though.

Unlock wallet

Once in your wallet, you can unlock it with the unlock command.

unlock wallet password

Get private owner key

You will need the private owner key for your account. You cannot get this from UI, and if you are using a password you will need to query for the private owner key.

You can do this from the cli_wallet with the following command

get_private_key_from_password [STEEMUSERNAME NO @] owner [PASSWORD]

For example:

get_private_key_from_password themarkymark owner mysecurepassword

This will return you the private owner key. You will need this to broadcast the change recovery account transaction.

Import Key

Before you can issue a change recovery account command, you need to import your private owner key to your encrypted wallet.

To do this, you just need to issue the following command

import_key 5xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Issue change_recovery_account command

Now for the moment, you have been waiting for, how to change your recovery account.

You will need to issue the following command

change_recovery_account [account] [new recovery account] true

Account is the account you want to change the recovery account for, and the new recovery account is the account you want to act as the recovery agent in the case of a lost password, true just tells it to broadcast the transaction.

For example:

change_recovery_account buildawhale themarkymark true

If everything is successful, you should be able to go to and see the transaction on the chain. You will notice your recovery account has not been changed though. You will need to complete the hardest step next.

Wait 30 days

This is by far the hardest step, and there is no way around this one.

In the meantime, I would recommend a few things to pass the time.


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Good, important article.
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Thank you Mal for this! I really dig this information. I don't think it was available anywhere else at least not easily accessible like you made it.


I looked through the source code to lead me in the right direction.


That's what I thought you did. Thank you for confirming it. I would have most probably asked you in private.

Thank you for making this post after I've gave you the idea of doing it.


@themarkymark thanks for this!

Regards, @gold84


@teamsteem I really appreciate the support and attention you have been giving to my posts recently.

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Very technical indeed. Let me try it.


I wouldn't go about changing it unless you have a real reason to, I see this only applying to a small group of people but there has been no documentation about it and many people have asked.


Thank you for your info. I do think that It is not wise to change that after all I am not a technical person.

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Easy and nice step dear

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I like to keep my posts my own.

wowza! that's pretty awesome!

Thanks, I like the way to analyzed it very well. It would be quite easy for somebody with that challenge to resolve them. Thanks for sharing @themarkymark

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Well you certainly have a lot to f options while waiting the 30 days!
But this is some great info.
A must Resteem

Crazy, I didn't know it was possible to change the recovery account.




Awww is that from the Reading cute.


Is there a simpler way for Non-Techy guys like us?


Not yet, but most people won't ever need to worry about this.


Hmmm, i like the sound of that.

Well am still contemplating on buying some steem as trial investment, i followed you to ask when am lost mate.

Killer post man . You raise the bar. #legend

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not explicitly mentioned: the new recovery account is active once the last change_recovery_account operation was 30 days ago. If you issue another change_recovery_accountin the 30 days period the first change will never be active and the 30 days start again from the second operation.

good post .. thanx

Thank you so VERY much for sharing this information! I beyond appreciate it! Individuals like @themarkymark make the Steemit Community so GREAT! It is going to be a PHENOMENAL year for the GREAT Steemit Community and Steem! Thanks Again for this extremely valuable post! All the best! Positive Energy! Great Karma! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

nice substitute

This information may be worth more than gold.🤞🏽

Thank you somuch... for the informetion.

It might sound stupid and I'm sorry in advance, but what "How to change your recovery account" means? do you talk about recovering the account or what?


If you forgot your password, there is a recovery process. There is an account used as your recovery agent for most people this is either @steem or @anonsteem.

You can change this, but it isn't documented anywhere and been asked a few times about how to do it.


So I can basically put a witness I know as the one who will be my recovery agent?


If you are not sure, then you likely don't need to worry about it. Just use the default @steem recovery process.

Very helpful post for newbie like me. thank you for sharing this info.

Wow, this looks useful. Some good instructions here that can help me with a problem I've been having, thanks.

thank you sir. the information is very helpful to.

Thanks, I like the way to analyzed it very well. It would be quite easy for somebody with that challenge to resolve them. Thanks for sharing @themarkymark

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Thanks a lot for the instructions.

Thanks Mark! I didn't know it was possible. Too bad I don't have linux.

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Hi @themarkymark, has anyone you know tried this before? I lost my password but my mobile phone remembers it thats why i am still logged on and can still post however, if theres a need to input my password, I cant do it as i dont have any copy/backup :(


You need your current password to change it, and you need your most recent password to do recovery. As far as I know, there isn't any other option. Forgotten password is not an option.


So, the only option is to really take care of my phone. Once this lost or broken, goodbye steemit! 😔 haha anyways, thanks for your time.

Great article.Thank you.

Thank you!!!

Is this still current info how to change recovery account? There is no easier way?


Only way.


Thanks for the reply!