Do you know if you vote with less than 30% weight then smooth won't downvote the same post, then the author will get more rewards?

That is good to know, thank you @abit.

ew no why did you tell him this deserves downvotes the infowars crowd is not what we want here

sorry I don't tend to like it when the average iq of a platform I'm on drops to 40 lmao

[insert equally useless ad hominem insult here] kek

Wow...this is stunning. Alex has been right on quite a bit. Like him or not...

Says the communist lmao

I am certain you can not even correctly define communism.

Please read this. You will understand capitalism well enough to understand why other systems exist.

I actually do get it - I basically majored in Communist theory and history. There's no chance it can work because it has no method to measure and organize value. Without that it makes no difference who is in power (dictators vs democracy vs local direct democracy) - everyone is poor, and it can be proven logically and mathematically. Use your common sense. And let me ask this - what happens if you don't work? I assume you'd force people to work if you didn't want society to collapse. Yes, communism is such a compassionate system.

"what happens if you don't work" you get the equivalent of everything you produce

value is the amount of human labor it takes to create

So I'm confused... if MY vote was less than 30%, I wouldn't be downvoted by Smooth? Can I fix this? I wasn't aware of this setup. Been out of the loop a bit.

I was talking to @thejohalfiles.

What is the reasoning behind this less than 30% thing ? Something due to the reward pool and the experiment being run? - Do you see whales like us being able to vote with 100% weight down the road w/o messing with the reward pool unfairly? I will continue to do what is best for the platform and help in any way possible @abit.

I prefer a solution that makes people want to horde their sp.

Yes, due to the "experiment". More info here:

Final solution would need a curve change, then we don't need to set another limit.

I heard a linear curve proposal is coming....


That IS good to know

Im not sure what you are saying @fuzzyvest please elaborate

That upvoting with over 30% will give you downvotes from smooth. Im not in agreement with the method (at least if we want people to honestly want lots of sp)...but nice to know regardless.

Yes I believe things will improve. Eventually I will have more SP than smooth and the rest of them at this rate. With that said I believe smooth has good intentions.

I agree with the intetions of all the whales. I just think i have a better solution than whales downvoting everyone in terms of free market ;)

@berniesanders sorry brother I don't want to fight, I hope we can find peace. Take care.

If both of you vote with limited weight, I won't join, and I guess smooth won't either. Otherwise it would be a mess: bernie downvote then I upvote, you upvote then smooth downvote, etc, etc.

Makes sense I will be more conscious about this @abit. Thank you.

Thanks for being so accepting of the experiment. There are many who have been against it from the start but many more users have found the experiment to be a success. Once there has been consensus on the new reward curve I hope there won't be a need for the experiment anymore.

PS. I quickly looked through your comments, respect for being one of the few users here who don't upvote their own comments. :)

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