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Well I won't bore you with a long intro so I will get straight to it. You're GUARANTEED to get FAST upvotes by doing one simple thing, its that easy.

Join a community on Steemit.

By joining a community, you will be able to network with other like minded people.
Who are these like minded people ?
Everyone who is in a community that are already upvoting each other, would qualify as " like minded" wouldn't you agree ?

Just having followers is not enough. Most people are on Steemit to make some crypto currency and spend a great deal of time trying to get upvotes themselves. That doesn't give much time to view or even notice your posts, among so so many others.

In a community you belong to a group and become a valued and cared about member. When people care and value you, they are going to pay you the respect of taking notice of the hard work and effort that you have poured into your posts.
You will find everyone wants upvotes and when you join a " good " community they will follow , view, resteem and most importantly UPVOTE YOU !

So who are these communities?
Whats their names? may ask.


Well not all communities are the same. Some are good and some are bad, which leaves you with the dilemma of how do I know which community to join.
You need a community that is growing fast, is new and interesting and most importantly VERY ACTIVE on Steemit .

GOOD management is the key to a successful community, without it the community will wither and die very quickly.
You're probably scratching your head now and thinking, this is going to be hard after all.

Well no it isn't because I can save you a lot of time and misplaced trust.

You can join The Homestead Life Community.


You don't need to be a homesteader. The Homestead Life is for EVERYONE.
As with any community we need all kinds of people, with all kinds of interests.

The Homestead Life has all the previously mentioned qualities and many more.
To apply, simply leave a comment stating clearly that you would like to join, on this post and you will be placed on the application list.

The Homestead Life is a kind and friendly community, and we would like it to stay that way.

You will be notified as soon as that process is completed.(leaving a comment and resteeming this post), or when I next log in.

We look forward to receiving your application so don't hesitate to get the UPVOTES you need.


Please RESTEEM THIS POST and that will go a long way to showing your going to be a valued THL member.

BE SURE TO FOLLOW The Homestead life to insure you get all THL updates hot off the press

Please place THL on your posts, so that all the #THL members can see your post nice and easy. We like to go to the #THL tag befor going anywhere else, so that your recharged steem power can be used on members before you deplete it elsewhere.
If you are an existing member it would help greatly to resteem this post as well.
The more members we have the more upvotes we will receive.

Thank You
Kind Regards



Hooray for our THL community!

Wow! Glad I got in while it was still free! I hate being told I have to pay for something that I can't hold in my hands, lol!

Just by the skin of your teeth.
No I don't like it either but we sure do like getting paid for something you can't hold in your hands ;o)

Up voted and resteemed. I would love to be a member of this community as I am an aspiring homesteader looking for a great community to gain knowledge from.

no worries.
Be sure to put the THL in your tag box, so we can all see your posts nice and easy.

Awesome! Thanks for the add :D looking forward to being a part of this community.

Thanks for the post

Your welcome : o)

How to join this community!

Just resteem this post, Join a community on steemit.
Then go to
Follow the members
THL :o)

how do you resteem, I don't see that button

My first community on steemit! :) please, add me.

Your now a member.
Be sure to use the #THL tage page : o)

how do I join a community. I don't see the option

Go to this post and resteem.

A post only lasts 6 days and then it is dead and can not be resteemed. That link is new.
Once you resteem the post you will be a member and i will put you on the members list. Be sure to use THL on your posts tags, not the first tag.

can't recall if I resteemed this post last night or no so I hit the reseemit button today :D now that I see it's green I failed to do it last night :/ ooops my bad I should have taken down the name of the person in chat last night thanks to them or her perhaps I finally got a profile picture up :D some times I hate being a slow learner :(

I'd like to join. However, I'm very new and not sure I understand the concept. Once I'm in, do I have certain obligations? Other than supporting my fellow community members by voting for them, of course.

How many upvotes do I need? I didn't quite understand that part.
I've never resteemed a post before either, but I'll give it a go :)

Can't wait to join.